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The public sector provides many amazing services to people every day; we want to keep these services up and running by providing a flooring solution that is fully functional and withstands the various challenges of each industry it is applied. We can combine high-performance with fantastic designs so that your flooring not only does the job, but looks great while doing it!

We can install inventive flooring solutions for a wide range of applications. Hospitals, operating theatres, waiting rooms, schools, receptions, corridors, council offices or correctional facilities, you name it, we can install it! We treat each application individually and ensure that the flooring is designed to suit the specific needs of each and every space. We can apply on to concrete, steel, wood, asphalt, quarry and an array of other surfaces. Our expert preparation means we can even repair badly damaged flooring including potholes, indifferent levels or trip hazards, creating an amazing space for public sector companies to carry out their daily jobs.

We have proudly worked with a number of public sector customers, including Gloucester City Council, Telford and Wrekin Council and the University of Wolverhampton. We have created amazing flooring solutions for them that not only perform well but look professional too! We can install colourful and stylish flooring that creates the right impression for the specific environment. Shiny, sleek, “non-slip” flooring is perfect for corporate environments when an air of professionalism is key for those all-important meetings. Furthermore, sound-absorbing flooring is essential for busy university corridors or schools to reduce noise levels and create a more relaxed working environment.

For more clinical public sector industries like hospitals and emergency service buildings, health and safety is crucial. It is important to create “non-slip” environments in hospitals as more vulnerable people will be using this area and may be at risk of falling if the flooring is not finished adequately. Additionally, hygiene is a number one priority for hospitals and a floor that breeds bacteria would be entirely inappropriate and dangerous. Our “seamless” flooring removes the risk of life-threatening bacteria breeding within the small seams of the floor, creating a safer, more sanitary environment for patients and staff alike.

On top of that, we can include decorative colours and designs into our industrial flooring for the use of fire and police services as well as education services and many other uses. We can include health and safety markings such as zebra crossings, chevrons, luminous markings, fire escape routes, floor wording, demarcation lines and much more. Additionally, any bespoke markings that you wish to include can be added to your flooring with no extra hassle.

Our amazing products and services are hard wearing, easy to clean and we can guarantee a no-hassle, quick installation too. No matter what the application, trust our team at RESPOL to provide a high-tech system that will yield fantastic results for years to come!

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