Pharmaceutical Flooring

Contaminant-Free & Chemical-Resistant Solutions

Choosing the correct flooring is extremely important when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. It must be purpose-fit for the environment and that’s where RESPOL come in. We can use our years of experience backed by research and development to consult and recommend the best materials to adequately fit the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We choose only the best, resilient materials that will perform effectively for years to come, meaning an investment in our industrial flooring is a cost-effective solution to your flooring demands!

We can install flooring for a wide range of pharmaceutical environments from processing and packaging plants, to laboratories and vivariums. We understand the unique risks of working in this industry and can design our flooring bespoke to counter these risks, making it a safer environment for all. It is important to have sanitary, contaminant-free flooring in these types of environment and so our “seamless” epoxy resin flooring systems are the best option if you want to ensure high sanitation levels. Tile and other flooring systems do not compare to RESPOL’s immaculate “seamless” floor covering which will provide you with maximum protection against dangerous bacteria and fungi. We can even add appropriate additives to the epoxy resin to make it anti-bacterial, an extra layer of protection against nasty microbes.

Another amazing benefit of our “seamless” floor covering is that it’s extremely easy to keep clean, minimising the amount of time you spend maintaining and looking after the flooring. It is also perfectly adapted for the likely event of spillages in the pharmaceutical industry. We can create a dust-free surface that is chemical resistant and allows those unfortunate spillages to be cleaned in an instant, with no damage to the surface! Our flooring is resistant to a cocktail of chemicals, both at time of spillage and after evaporation too. These critical characteristics will be recommended by our expert staff that have years of experience working with customers in the pharmaceutical industry. We can combine durable, high-performance flooring with a fantastic finished appearance that is guaranteed to survive even the toughest conditions.

We have worked with many customers across the industry, including Sharpsmart, a leading service provider of sharps and hazardous waste disposal. Where hygiene and sanitation are a number one priority, we are able to meet the demands of the industry with our long-lasting, resilient flooring solutions. We can even include company logos, health and safety markings or other decorative designs into the flooring to give it a more personal touch.

Trust RESPOL for “seamless”, low-slip, chemical resistant flooring solutions for any application. Our flooring is tried and tested by many in the industry and we can install even the most challenging of flooring solutions with detailing around stainless steel drains, plinths, expansion joints and other difficult areas.

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