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We are always working on the latest innovations in the industry and developing an unparalleled range of tried and tested products. When you choose RESPOL, you know that you will benefit from receiving the very latest technical solutions based on original research and development. We have worked with successful healthcare manufacturers such as Corin and Salts Healthcare to create flooring solutions that work for their specific needs. Corin are a revolutionary provider of orthopaedic technologies, including hip, knee, ankle and shoulder solutions and Salts Healthcare manufacturer a wide range of medical devices. It is essential to these companies that their manufacturing environment is as sanitary as possible, that’s why they rely on RESPOL to survey, recommend and install their technical flooring solutions.

Healthcare manufacturers supply familiar medical products such as scalpels, gloves, bandages and other medical equipment as well as producing expensive, high-tech equipment such as hospital machinery, surgical robots and other complex healthcare products. We understand that for all of these products, hygiene is not only important but crucial. Equipment should be manufactured in a clean, bacteria-free environment and the flooring you choose will have an important role to play in creating this environment.

RESPOL’s epoxy resin flooring is “seamless”, making it super easy to clean and maintain. The lack of seams (as with vinyl or tiles) means that no nasty bacteria can grow in the cracks and crevices within the floor, and the smooth, level finish means that it is pore-free. We can even include an antimicrobial additive that targets bacteria in-between cleans, making it even more hygienic! Our “seamless” flooring also facilitates a fast and efficient cleaning regime that won’t damage or wear down the floor over time, making it a cost-effective solution to your flooring needs.

Additionally, our flooring solutions are hardy and long-lasting. If your floor fails, it may crack or split and this will create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to develop as well as causing a trip hazard for your staff. This will cost you time and money and inevitably increase the risk of important healthcare items becoming contaminated with germs. Investing in a flooring solution with RESPOL that can be quickly installed allows you to have minimum downtime and the peace of mind that your flooring will be fully functional for years to come.

What’s more, our industrial flooring can include a wide range of additional features such as being low-slip and resistant to heavy loads. This is perfect for a manufacturing plant where forklift trucks or other heavy operating machinery will be in use often, and staff will be continually using the flooring.

When it comes to healthcare manufacturing, RESPOL has the skills, equipment and staff to make sure the flooring system always meets the stringent needs of the industry.

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