Food & Beverage Flooring

Guaranteed Food-Safe Finish

Specialist industries such as the food and beverage industry have specialist requirements. Here at RESPOL, we understand these individual requirements and have a range of technical solutions available to meet the high demands of the industry. It is extremely important that flooring in a place where food and beverages are prepared is sanitary and hygienic. Keeping food away from contamination is business-critical for our customers, and that’s why we offer a range of flooring systems that can meet the high standards required for this industry.

We provide hygienic “seamless” flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. You may not realise it, but dangerous bacteria and fungi can live in the small cracks and crevices within normal flooring. E.coli, salmonella, listeria and MRSA are extremely dangerous bacteria that you want to keep far away from any food or beverages. By removing the seams in flooring, you are removing the risk of life-threatening bacteria from entering your workspace. Our “seamless” flooring is long-lasting and hard-wearing and will be guaranteed to meet the most stringent health and safety regulations governing the food and beverage industry.

Another one of the major benefits of resin flooring is that we can use additives that alter and improve the nature of the floor finishes and make them more hygienic. We are able to add an antimicrobial component that stops bacteria from thriving within the floor. This anti-bacterial finish is an extra layer of added security to your flooring, giving you the confidence you need to know your flooring is performing to the optimum standard.

As well as hygienic needs, other factors may affect flooring in the food and beverage industry. Our flooring can be made temperature resistant to withstand high heat in kitchens or thermal shock resistant for hot wash/steam cleans or even spillages. The surface also needs to be “non-slip” and durable to protect employees working in kitchens or indeed customers visiting restaurants. Kitchen environments may also have high levels of moisture which, again, may make floors slippy. We can provide flooring that adds traction and prevents slipping from becoming a hazard. Furthermore, many of our flooring systems are odourless, an important factor to consider in an environment where food may be exposed.

We can also install stainless steel drainage systems or sumps to safely drain away used water within kitchens or other industrial spaces. Free standing water can be a health and safety issue for many industries, we offer floors to falls and envelope falls drainage systems as part of our flooring installation process. We are also able to install coving with stainless steel “Bird-Beak” stop-end beads, providing a fantastic finish to the flooring. What’s more, there is bund linings and coatings in all of our hygienic flooring & walls, giving you extra security when you need it most.

Our industrial flooring is intended to be long-lasting and so it is designed to withstand frequent cleaning and will not wear down as time goes by. We also have steam cleanable systems designed to keep the floor completely dust and bacteria-free and make it easier to remove any food or drink spillages. You can be sure that RESPOL have the expertise and equipment to make any flooring requirement reality.

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