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A modern solution for exterior flooring applications is the installation of a resin carpet. Not only does this look fantastic, it’s also long-lasting and low maintenance, a great alternative to tarmac, concrete or other materials often used outdoors. Resin carpets can be used for many applications such as footpaths, car parks, cycle paths and more popularly, driveways. Many people are choosing this option as it is a cost-effective solution to exterior flooring needs. It is easy to maintain, as it doesn’t need to be constantly maintained as other flooring would. Tarmac can form potholes, concrete can crack and weeds can grow in-between brick or tile work. Epoxy resin carpets are free from all of these annoying faults as it forms a “seamless”, durable bond along the floor’s surface and will be highly functional for years to come.

Resin carpet has become increasingly popular for driveways in recent times, replacing more dated paved or gravelled drives. This commercial use of flooring creates a stunning effect on personal properties or even for business driveways or carparks. Our resin stone carpets come with a variety of finishes, giving you a realistic gravelled appearance in whatever design you decide. Choose from granite, rocksalt, firefleck, pepper, pebble, terracotta, natural or earth and marvel at the stunning results of your new flooring. Aside from amazing aesthetics, resin carpets have a whole host of other benefits such as being strong and durable to withstand constant foot traffic, being oil-resistant to withstand any possible leaks from vehicles, and being completely weed-free! No longer will time be wasted applying weed killer and plucking weeds out from the cracks in your driveway.

RESPOL offer nationwide installation, so whatever your flooring need, you can be sure that we have the means to make your dream reality. Our expert advisers will be able to consult with you on the individual needs of your space and recommend the most functional, cost-effective flooring solution specifically for you. You may not have considered resin carpet as an option for exterior flooring, but our staff are here to offer their advice and support and help you get the most out of your flooring solution. Additionally, we are able to offer SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) compliant surfaces that aim to alleviate the problem of water falling on impermeable surfaces. SuDS should always be considered when installing exterior flooring as they play an integral role in the safe movement of water.

We have proudly installed our resin carpets for a range of customers, one of the biggest being Williams F1, a world-leading formula 1 team. Our resin carpet has provided them with an easy to clean and maintain flooring solution meaning they can focus on what matters the most to them, racing! Other amazing benefits of our epoxy resin carpets are that they are low-slip, an important quality when you consider how many people will be traversing it daily. Additionally, exterior industrial flooring will be exposed to the constant fluctuation of British weather; be it rain or shine, resin carpet flooring will remain strong, intact and purpose-fit.

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