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Protect your Equipment with Static Dissipative Surfaces

The electronics and electrical industry poses certain risks that are specific to these types of industries, namely electrostatic discharge (ESD). This can pose a serious threat to your staff and your expensive equipment! If you work with computers or other similar technology, the effects of ESD can be extremely damaging, breaking circuits and generally affecting the performance of the machinery. An innovative flooring solution from RESPOL will provide you with long-term, satisfying results. Vinyl tiles and rubber mats will only go so far in offering protection, our anti-static flooring systems will provide full and unfaltering security.

Simply walking across a floor’s surface can create an electrostatic build-up, thus, every precaution possible must be taken to prevent an ESD event from occurring. Creating an electrostatic protected area (EPA) will ensure that all machinery and electrical goods manufactured in that space will function effectively. ESD is also very dangerous where flammable objects or materials are concerned and may even be an ignition risk, if not treated carefully.

RESPOL can consult on your individual needs as an electronics or electrical company and find an effective solution to your flooring needs. ESD is nothing more than the sudden charge of electricity initiated when two electrically charged entities come into contact. Our epoxy resin and polyurethane flooring systems are perfectly adapted for use in electro-manufacturing or other electrical environments such as technical repair shops and garages. The continued protection and resistance offered by our anti-static flooring solutions is second to none. Our anti-static, dissipative and conductive ESD flooring system ensures high quality protection like no other flooring can. They are manufactured with conductive aggregate additive materials using special particle blending techniques to provide maximum security. Once installed, this flooring will create a controlled and stable area that will safeguard your staff and your expensive equipment from damage or degradation.

Whilst ESD may be the main risk factor for the electrical and electronics industry, there are other factors that RESPOL consider as well. We will provide a full initial survey of your space to identify the unique requirements of your company more specifically, we can then advise on the best possible flooring and finishes that will not only make your working area safer but also enhance it aesthetically too. Our anti-static flooring can include such properties as being anti-slip and also chemical resistant. This may be necessary for applications in an electro-manufacturing environment where many people are traversing the floor, further increasing health and safety precautions.

Our industrial resin flooring products are also available in a wide variety of finishes and designs, meaning they’re not only functional but fashionable too! Our flooring solutions have been trusted by the likes of tech giant Toshiba and electronic repair/remanufacture company Infoteam.

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