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Passing the Strictest Hygiene Requirements

Our family-run business has served the UK nationwide for more than 30 years. Our single-source solution means we control all areas of the flooring process, allowing us to choose the very best materials and the best people to do the job too! Our reputation is a testament to the highly successful work we carry out within a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical and scientific businesses. Clean rooms are used for special industrial production or scientific research, meaning that stringent hygiene standards are an absolute must to ensure the quality of the products or study.

The main purpose of a clean room is to maintain extremely low levels of contamination, meaning it must be free from dust, airborne organisms or any other particles that may cause products to degrade or become polluted. Flooring may not be the first thing you think of when building a clean room, but it is essential that your flooring is functional and actively prevents the growth and spread of dangerous organisms. There’s no point in spending lots of money on high tech clean room equipment if your flooring lets you down.

RESPOL can provide a dust-free, smooth, impervious, non-shedding flooring that is “seamless”, low-slip and chemical resistant, ideal for a clean room! Our “seamless” flooring actively prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria from developing within the seams of your floor. What’s more, our hygienic resin flooring can also include anti-microbial systems that further prevent bacteria from thriving. These extra layers of resistance assure you that your clean room is as clean as can be! Our “seamless” flooring is compliant with the most stringent of clean room requirements, making it an excellent choice for a variety of industry applications.

Another fantastic benefit is that our flooring is resistant to an array of chemicals, when first spilled and after evaporation, meaning your floor is not at risk of becoming damaged in the eventuality of a spillage. It is also resistant from scratching, the weight of heavy loads and general wear and tear, meaning it is not only high-performing but also a cost-effective solution in the long run! We can also control static discharge, if required, dispersing static charges and preventing the risk of static shock. Conductive aggregates are added to our ESD flooring to help create a controlled electrostatic system. This is extremely useful in a manufacturing environment where you may be operating electrical machinery. All these amazing qualities are the reason why Salts Healthcare, a highly successful manufacturer of medical devices, have trusted RESPOL as their flooring provider.

Choose RESPOL for your clean room industrial flooring needs and rest assured that our pore-free epoxy resin solutions and services will exceed stringent health and safety requirements as well as providing a whole wealth of other benefits for your project.

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