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A trusted and leading manufacturer of industrial flooring, our team at RESPOL are highly qualified professionals with decades of experience to back them up. That’s why automotive giants such as Porsche and JLR have trusted our services. Only the very best will do for luxury car brands and that’s why JLR and Porsche chose RESPOL as their contractor. We understand the unique needs of the automotive and aviation industry and can provide a custom-built flooring solution that is not only functional but also stylish and modern.

Our epoxy resins and polyurethane screeds and coatings make excellent surfaces for aviation and aerospace environments. From aircraft hangars, aircraft manufacturing plants, car showrooms, test rooms and even baggage areas, each space has a specific requirement that we can uniquely cater to. The automotive and aviation industry requires the most durable and resilient surfaces, able to withstand heavy loads and abrasions. Our flooring is strong and hardy, you can rely on our epoxy flooring to hold out under great pressure and it will not crack or de-bond, giving you the assurance you need when working with heavy machinery.

We can install a floor with a variety of finishes suitable for the specific industry. The aviation and automotive industry will naturally need to be prepared for any spillages of oil, fuel or other lubricants. These products can damage the floor or make it slippery and unsafe. We can create ”non-slip” flooring that will provide people with traction in the case of spillages to avoid any hazards. Additionally, we can ensure the flooring will not become contaminated with fuels or fluids. Our flooring is Skydrol resistant as well as being resistant to a wide variety of other chemicals and lubricants. Furthermore, we can create anti-static flooring for aircraft hangars to prevent the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) as our flooring disperses static changes and creates a custom-tailored, safer surface for the aviation industry.

We understand that practicality is not the only thing our customers care about, we can also apply stunning finishes to flooring and even incorporate company colours through our colour matching technology. Car showrooms or other automotive applications need to have a professional and appealing finish. We want your car displays to look elegant and attractive so that it appeals to your potential buyers. That’s why we can use our expert skill and equipment to create a flooring system that is as eye-catching as it is practical. Your flooring doesn’t have to be boring!

Finally, we know that schedules are often run very tight within these specific industries and that’s why we offer a quick installation process with minimal downtime for your business. You may expect that installing a new flooring surface would be a long and time-consuming process but our experience and expertise allows us to offer a successful and speedy installation, guaranteeing results!

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