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No matter what the application, RESPOL have an innovative flooring solution based on the latest research and development available. We have proudly offered our services to a plethora of sectors from industrial and manufacturing to automotive and health care.

We have the skills and expertise to adapt our flooring systems to suit the wide-ranging needs of a variety of industries, both industrial and commercial. Whether it’s “seamless” flooring for pharmaceutical needs or durable flooring for heavy loads, we are sure to have a technical solution available.

A FeRFA member, RESPOL is trusted by many for our single-source solutions and uncomplicated warranties. In fact, our customers love their flooring so much that 80% of our sales come from repeat business, a real testament to our ability to listen to the needs of each individual situation and treat our services on a case-by-case basis!

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Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems

To give a basic overview, epoxy resins are polyepoxides. These are reactive prepolymers and polymers that contain epoxide groups. As epoxy is commonly known as a strong adhesive, it is the perfect material to bind resins together. Epoxy resins can easily be combined with a variety of co-reactants to create the desired surface to meet your requirements. Be it “non-slip”, anti-static, chemical or impact resistant, we can create this for you with our epoxy resin flooring solutions.

We can combine base and co-reactant curing-agents to create custom blends that are unique for each application. The various mixtures for combining resins can create a range of results depending on your individual requirements. It can be adapted for warehousing, pharmaceutical needs or the specific needs of the food and beverage industry, to name a few. Our skill, as well as our reliance on modern research and development, ensures we have the knowledge to provide unique customisation for each individual flooring system, making it as detailed as you want it to be.

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Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems

Repairs & Resurfacing

Repairs & Resurfacing

If a whole new flooring solution isn’t for you, we have the technical expertise here at RESPOL to offer a range of services for the repair and resurfacing of existing industrial flooring. We can transform old, worn-down, contaminated surfaces into high-performing, industry-approved flooring solutions for your required industry. This provides customers with the option for a cost-effective solution and is an economical alternative to a complete overhaul of the original flooring.

Damaged flooring can have many health and safety risks or even be dangerous for certain industries, so it is important to be able to repair and maintain the flooring appropriately. We have accumulated a vast amount of experience and expertise in the industrial flooring field and so we believe we can offer a solution to even the most challenging or flooring issues. Whether it be joint failure, uneven surfaces or holes, our fully-trained in-house staff at RESPOL will be able to offer a solution to your flooring problems.

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