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What is resin flooring & which industries typically use it? What are the benefits of installing resin flooring? At RESPOL we take our status as a market-leading resin flooring contractor very seriously from installation, to maintenance & repair! RESPOL are flooring specialists with over 30 years of experience as one of the market-leading contractors of industrial and commercial flooring. Our...

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What is Epoxy Resin Floor Paint & Where is it used? Benefits and Drawbacks Epoxy Resin Floor Paint vs Epoxy Coating – which is better suited to my application? RESPOL has been one of the leading contractors of commercial and industrial floor coverings for more than 30 years, giving us a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the industry....

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MMA Flooring

20 Apr 2022

MMA Flooring - Questions & Answers What is MMA Flooring? Benefits and downsides of MMA Flooring Rapid installation that suits a variety of temperatures and conditions, making them an effective solution for all your application needs What is MMA Flooring? Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is an efficient solution for many businesses due to its unmatched, rapid installation times. With the ability...

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Warehouse Flooring

RESPOL are leading industrial flooring contractors with years of experience delivering reliable solutions for a range of industry...

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