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Cleanroom Flooring

25 Mar 2023

What is a cleanroom? What types of flooring are typically used in cleanrooms & what hygiene requirements need to be met? How can RESPOL help? – A look into our hygienic epoxy resin floors, ideal for use in cleanrooms RESPOL is an award-winning contractor of a range of commercial and industrial flooring for a variety of industries and sectors. We...

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cleanroom flooring from Respol

Industrial Flooring

20 Feb 2023

Polymer, Polyurethane, MMA or Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems RESPOL are a leading contractor of different types of industrial flooring to suit a wide range of industries & applications What is the difference between Polymer, Polyurethane, MMA & Epoxy Resin flooring systems Which industrial flooring is best for you? How can RESPOL help you decide? RESPOL are a leading contractor of...

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Concrete Densifier

23 Jan 2023

Creating Maintenance-Free Flooring with RESPOL What is Concrete Densifier & How Does it Work? How Does Concrete Densifier Create Maintenance-Free Flooring? How Can RESPOL Help? RESPOL are a leading contractor of a range of industrial flooring solutions for a variety of industries, such as food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical, public sector, automotive and aviation. From design to preparation to installation,...

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Air Bearing Floor

What is Air Bearing Flooring & How Does Air Flotation Technology Work? What Type of Industries Would Benefit...

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