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Polymer Flooring

16 Aug 2023

What is polymer flooring? What are the advantages of polymer flooring? Discover RESPOL’s expert range of high-performance polymer flooring solutions & unmatched services What is Polymer Flooring? Polymer flooring is a solution made from the advanced chemical reaction of polymerisation, a process that involves two or more components or monomers combining to form a polymer. For polymer flooring, this reaction...

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Polymer Flooring by RESPOL

What is Floor Painting? What are the Benefits of Floor Painting? Floor Painting Contractors – Why Choose RESPOL? What is Floor Painting? Floor painting is a flooring service designed to enhance your existing or new factory, warehouse or workshop/garage floors by making them more durable, heavy-duty or resistant to certain products, traffic or chemicals. The process of floor painting creates...

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Floor Painting Contractors – choose RESPOL

Air Bearing Floor

23 Jun 2023

What is Air Bearing Flooring & How Does Air Flotation Technology Work? What Type of Industries Would Benefit From Air Bearing Flooring? What Air Bearing Flooring Solutions Does RESPOL Offer?   What is Air Bearing Flooring & How Does Air Flotation Technology Work? Air bearing flooring is an advanced flooring system that utilises air flotation technology, which uses compressed air...

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Air Bearing Floor by RESPOL

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Comfort Flooring

What is comfort flooring? What comfort flooring systems & installation services do we offer at RESPOL? What are...

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Winning Big!

The whole team at Respol are exceptionally proud of winning this year's Large Industrial Project of the year...

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