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Is It Right For You? What is industrial resin flooring, and what are the benefits? What industries benefit from resin flooring? What industrial resin flooring solutions do we offer at RESPOL? What Is Industrial Resin Flooring And What Are The Benefits? Industrial resin flooring or epoxy resin flooring is a popular solution for a range of applications that combines epoxy...

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Industrial Resin Flooring By RESPOL

What is epoxy decorative flooring? What are the advantages of epoxy decorative flooring? What epoxy decorative flooring finishes do we offer at RESPOL? What Is Epoxy Decorative Flooring? The term ‘epoxy decorative flooring’ encompasses a large range of flooring finishes and techniques that all share the goal of improving the aesthetics of a floor. This includes floor painting, coloured aggregates...

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The Best Solution For Practicality & Durability What is industrial flooring epoxy? What are the benefits of industrial epoxy & how can it help maximise the practicality & durability of your flooring? Take a look at RESPOL’s expert range of industrial flooring epoxy solutions What Is Industrial Flooring Epoxy? Industrial flooring epoxy is comprised of epoxy resins, which are polyepoxides....

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Industrial Flooring Epoxy From RESPOL

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