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If you’re considering what type of flooring will deliver the best results for your business, cost can play a huge role in your decision making. First and foremost, you will be looking for a system that looks stylish and professional whilst still fulfilling essential requirements that are pertinent to your business needs. For example, cleanliness for industries with strict hygiene...

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Epoxy Flooring Cost Explained

What is a seamless floor?  Seamless flooring systems are just that - seamless! They are a monolithic surface that is without cracks, seams, or any other areas that might make the surface of the floor uneven. To achieve this finish, the resin is poured in place for a smooth, level, and even finish. Common resins that are used include epoxy,...

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Seamless Flooring from RESPOL

When people think of safety flooring, they think of low-slip surfaces that are designed for industrial and commercial environments to decrease the chances of accidents. A low-slip flooring increases traction underfoot and adds additional grip for areas where heavy foot traffic is expected. RESPOL are experts at installing epoxy resin flooring systems with low-slip surfaces that are robust and durable....

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Safety Flooring Markings from RESPOL

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