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In the manufacturing, automotive and aviation, pharmaceutical and food industry, spillages in the workplace are inevitable. Your flooring system must be designed to be robust, reliable and safe in the event of a leak or spillage. Depending on your industry, chemical resistant epoxy floors, as well as bund systems, are the most effective. Floor bunding, also called bund walls, is...

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Bund Walls from RESPOL

High quality and durable epoxy resin floor starts with expert flooring preparation. It may be something that other contractors overlook, but RESPOL have years of experience in the industry and we know that your resinous flooring can only be as good as the preparation. Our highly trained team of in-house staff have experience preparing even the most challenging substrates including...

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Floor Preparation Equipment

In the workplace, safety is of paramount importance. Employers have a responsibility to keep staff safe and public-facing businesses will want to make sure their customers are protected. When considering safety in the workplace, flooring may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the floor’s surface can play a huge role in protecting those that traverse the...

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Safety flooring from RESPOL

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