Industrial Flooring Repairs

If a whole new flooring solution isn’t for you, we have the technical expertise here at RESPOL to offer a range of services for the repair and resurfacing of existing industrial flooring. We can transform old, worn-down, contaminated surfaces into high-performing, industry-approved flooring solutions for your required industry. This provides customers with the option for a cost-effective solution and is an economical alternative to a complete overhaul of the original flooring.

Damaged flooring can have many health and safety risks or even be dangerous for certain industries, so it is important to be able to repair and maintain the flooring appropriately. We have accumulated a vast amount of experience and expertise in the industrial flooring field and so we believe we can offer a solution to even the most challenging or flooring issues. Whether it be joint failure, uneven surfaces or holes, our fully-trained in-house staff at RESPOL will be able to offer a solution to your flooring problems.

It is well known that concrete flooring can crack or split and, if untreated, this may cause further damage to the flooring as cracks spread and deepen. We offer crack stabilisation services that mean cracks can be quickly repaired using specially formulated resin materials, repairing your flooring quickly and effectively. We are also able to re-form expansion joint nosings to make sure flooring is flexible and less prone to further damage. These cost-effective solutions will rejuvenate a damaged floor and have it up and ready to go again much quicker than a brand-new specification.

We know that when your flooring is damaged, it may cause issues for your business and industry, and so time is always of the essence. We offer fast-cure repairs so that you can get back to work in as short a time as possible and have a load off your mind. Our fast-cure repairs are high-quality and reduce the wasted time spent waiting for flooring to fully cure, whilst still providing amazing results.

We also offer diamond grinding services to improve the profile of flooring and make it smoother and more even, for a great finish on your flooring, no matter what the industry.

From total overlays to re-surfacing, we have a vast skill-set to draw from to guarantee that your floor is looking and performing at its best, in as short a time as possible! To find out how our repair and resurfacing services could benefit you, get in contact with us online or call 01952 740 400 to learn more about our maintenance solutions.

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