Industrial Flooring Preparation

RESPOL provide high-quality flooring solutions from preparation to installation. The first stage of the process, before any work can even begin, is a full consultation between our technical staff and the customer. We offer a free-of-charge, no-obligation inspection and analysis of the current flooring, space and environment and provide our best recommendations based on our survey. This crucial stage allows our team of professionals to fully examine the flooring needs of the respective industry and determine the best substrate preparation required for a successful, high-performing floor. We assess a range of factors including humidity level, UV exposure, and temperature as well as many other variables to ensure the surface is custom-prepared to suit the unique challenges of the environment.

We know that in any case, a clean, dust-free surface is essential in ensuring the finished quality of the new flooring system, and that’s why we take flooring preparation seriously. Any existing coatings or contaminants must be removed prior to the application of the surface coating system. Additionally any issues with the structural integrity of the floor such as pot holes or cracks should be fixed before any coating is applied. RESPOL has a range of cutting-edge techniques and equipment at our disposal to ensure we can create a well-prepared, clean surface, including:

Our highly trained staff will assess your current surface and select the correct equipment and technique to best create a contaminant-free substrate. Shot blasting can be used to remove any old coatings or unwanted substrates from the floor, removing contaminants and creating a dust-free environment. Diamond grinding can be carried out on a floor that has been shot blasted or on its own to remove a floor coating. It is an effective preparation tool to remove any abrasions or irregularities in the surface of the floor, creating a perfectly smooth and even surface. Our industry professionals will make sure that all equipment is operated to the highest of standards, ensuring the safety of everyone on site and the best results for your flooring system. RESPOL always take the time to ensure a surface is properly prepared as it is the only way to ensure that a long-lasting, durable bond can be achieved between the priming system and the substrate.

All of our industrial flooring preparation is done by our in-house team, meaning that all areas of the preparation are controlled by our award-winning staff, here at RESPOL. From the initial survey, substrate preparation through to application, all equipment and personnel are in-house. Additionally, we always endeavor to keep our equipment updated so that we can be sure it will service even the most challenging of flooring issues. Preparation is just the first step in our comprehensive start to finish service and all surveys and documentations are included in the overall cost.

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