Industrial Flooring Installation

The final stage in our flooring service is the installation, this is where we fully install your new flooring to a high standard and ensure it has the perfect finish that meets all the requirements of your industry. All of our flooring is installed within compliance of British Standard BS 8204-6, ensuring a high-quality and trouble-free service. We endeavour to go above and beyond in our installation process to ensure that the flooring is right for each customer. We guarantee that your flooring will be installed professionally and to the highest of standards, exceeding your expectations.

What’s more, we own all aspects of the flooring process as we are a single-source solution to all your flooring needs. This means that we will only be using our in-house team of expert fitters to install your flooring. Our full-time staff are CSCS accredited, giving you peace of mind knowing that the very best people are on hand to do the job. We will not use sub-contractors at any point during our service, so you can rest assured that a team of professionals are always on-site during the installation stage of fitting.

The surface of your flooring will have been cleaned, removing any dust, debris or contaminants during the preparation stage. This creates a fantastic base for the application of an epoxy resin formula and will ensure that it provides great results with an even and durable finish. Coats of our specially designed or off-the-shelf epoxy resin are applied to the floors surface and allowed to cure by our team of experts. Our team will ensure that the application is level, even, and performs exactly as you expected it. What’s more, several finishes can be applied so that you get the exact result from the flooring to best fit your industry. We can create “seamless” flooring with amazing results, meaning that no nasty bacteria can grow in the small crevices within the floor. This has fantastic benefits for the food and beverage and health industries where contamination must be controlled at all times. We can also install flooring with “non-slip”, odourless, chemical-resistant and anti-static finishes, dependent on the unique needs of our customers.

Our installation process is speedy and efficient, ensuring minimum loss of time with maximum results. We also offer a specialist range of fast-curing resins that still deliver premium quality, meaning less downtime for you and your business. We can install the new flooring and have you back on your feet again in no time!

High-performing industrial flooring does not have to be boring, however! We offer a wide range of colours as well as amazing finishing coatings to make your flooring stand out. We can even colour match from BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems, meaning if you want to add a pop of colour to match your corporate colour schemes or even your logo, you can!

What’s more, once installed, our industrial flooring is very low maintenance and easy to keep clean, meaning you have more time to do what matters to you and your company.

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