Industrial Flooring Installation

Repair, Refurbishment & Resurfacing

RESPOL are leading contractors and installation specialists of a range of industrial flooring solutions. We offer solutions for a range of industries, environments and applications, including food and beverage, warehouse, factory, garage, office, retail and pharmaceutical flooring systems. Our range of flooring solutions are suitable for creating an entirely new floor surface but can also be used to repair, refurb or resurface existing, old or damaged concrete floors. As a single-source solution to all of your flooring needs, RESPOL ensures consistency and quality at every stage of the design and installation process.

How do RESPOL Ensure High-Quality, Efficient Flooring Installations?

Reliable, Durable Materials – As an industrial flooring contractor with over 30 years of installation experience, we understand that to achieve lasting quality, you have to go all the way back to the source of your flooring materials. By taking this into consideration, we are able to install high-quality and performance flooring systems built to last! Our epoxy resin solutions, in particular, have been thoughtfully formulated to ensure strength and reliability, which can be seen whether your floor is completely new or if our services are being used to repair or resurface it.

Compliance with Flooring Standards – All of RESPOL’s industrial flooring solutions are fully compliant with British Standard BS 8204-6, ensuring high-quality results and installation. This makes certain that your flooring system is entirely in line with all health and safety and other requirements.

Expert Installation Team – We offer guaranteed use of our fully-trained, professional in-house installation team rather than relying on sub-contractors. Our CSCS-accredited team of fitters know our flooring solutions like the back of their hand, which ensures an efficient installation for long-lasting, seamless results. You can rest assured that a team of RESPOL professionals will be on-site and available throughout the entire flooring fitting process!

Thorough Preparation – During the preparation stage of our installation service, your flooring will have been thoroughly cleaned, ensuring all dust or contaminants have been removed. This creates a smooth base for our range of industrial flooring solutions, helping to promote better results and an even, durable finish. This is followed by coats of our specially designed epoxy resins to ensure a flawless finish. Whether you’re installing an entirely new floor or repairing or resurfacing, this is incredibly beneficial for the longevity of your flooring solution. The expert way we install new or refurbish old flooring means that your system will be virtually maintenance-free, allowing you to dedicate your time and money to more efficient means!

Fast, Efficient Installations – Our professional installation team have been expertly trained to excel at speedy, efficient flooring installations. This reduces the downtime of your operations but still offers you unmatched results with our specialist range of fast-curing resins, coatings and screeds.

Trust RESPOL for speedy installations and long-lasting industrial flooring solutions! To enquire about our expert installation services or to find out more, please get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Contact us here or alternatively give us a call on 01952 740400.

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