Low-Slip Flooring

Added Grip When it Matters Most

One of the most popular specialist flooring systems we can apply is a low-slip finish. All industries will benefit from low-slip flooring as slipping or tripping over is a hazard that affects everyone in day-to-day life. Whilst in some industries it is recommended, in others, it is an essential requirement of the flooring. Hospitals or other public sector buildings often deal with vulnerable people and a slip could be extremely dangerous. Additionally, industrial or manufacturing industries will have many employees continually using the flooring who may be carrying heavy items that could cause more injury. For these applications, safe, low-slip flooring can increase efficiency at work and improve safety drastically.

RESPOL can install a custom designed flooring system with varying degrees of coarseness depending on in-house cleaning routines and the requirements of the industry. Our custom designed flooring solutions such as Reetop CQ 3000 and Reegrip CQ are created from a blend of heavy duty, hard wearing coloured quartz aggregates, epoxy resins and curing agents. The additives we use create the varying textures and finishes you require, resulting in a low-slip, durable surface.

Our “non-slip” flooring is perfect for applications such as corridors, schools, offices and other every day applications where heavy foot traffic is expected. Our flooring is also sound absorbing and soft underfoot, creating a comfortable environment for people to work or visit. For tougher applications that need to be “non-slip” as well as withstanding heavy loads and traffic, our flooring is robust and durable. We can even include hard wearing aggregates such as aluminium oxide to create a super-strong, anti-slip finish.

Another great benefit of “non-slip” flooring is that it creates a safer surface in the event of a spillage. Liquids will inevitably be spilt on the floor in all industries; our textured finishes help to create traction underfoot to reduce the risk of slipping in situations like this. Additionally, in industries where oil, grease or other substances may be split, our flooring provides the necessary grip when you need it most. We can even leave our system un-encapsulated for use on external ramps or other similar applications, providing essential grip for walkways and wheelchair users.

An investment in our low-slip safety flooring is a cost-effective, long-term solution, as it will prevent financial loss in the event of a workplace injury that would inevitably lead to payouts, legal fees or increased insurance premiums. Not looking for a full-scale installation? Our qualified team at RESPOL offer a superior refurbishment service to repair old, tired floors and bring them up to modern industry standards. We can remove old tiles and paint surfaces, repair and prime the surface and apply our coating material, creating a technical, “non-slip” surface, fit for long-term use!

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