Hygienic Flooring

Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals & Clean Rooms etc.

RESPOL are commercial and industrial flooring specialists with over 30 years of experience working with different industries and sectors. From design to installation, we are a complete, one-stop solution for all of your flooring needs! One area of flooring we particularly excel in is hygienic flooring, a crucial solution for a variety of industry and application needs.

We supply and install hygienic flooring for a range of different industries, including:

Food & Beverage

Due to the stringent hygiene standards of this industry, a food-grade flooring system is an essential part of your operations. At RESPOL, we’ve fitted hygienic food-safe flooring for a range of commercial and industrial customers, including cafeterias, catering facilities, packaging lines, industrial kitchens and restaurants. In an industry where customer safety is such an important factor, we have created a long-lasting, seamless flooring solution guaranteed to meet the hygiene standards required. We are also able to incorporate different finishes and coverings into your concrete flooring system, including spillage resistance and anti-slip properties. This way, not only are your products safe but so are your employees!

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Manufacturing:

Much like the food and beverage industry, these two sectors require a high level of sanitation and hygiene due to the importance of customer safety and meeting specific regulations. In industries where safety and hygiene are so vital, it’s essential that you have a reliable, durable flooring solution – that’s where we come in! RESPOL can provide you with a hygienic flooring solution that is not only chemical resistant and anti-bacterial but also durable and hard-wearing. This way, you eliminate the risk of cracks and abrasion, which are breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria.

Public Sector:

RESPOL has designed and installed a variety of non-slip, hygienic flooring for hospitals, schools, receptions, corridors, operating theatres, council offices and correctional facilities. Like the industries mentioned above, there is also an emphasis within the public sector on hygienic, safe flooring that can withstand large numbers of daily foot traffic. We treat each application individually and create a bespoke solution to suit your exact needs and requirements. The public sector is responsible for a variety of life-changing services, which is why we provide them with an efficient flooring system to keep them running efficiently.

Clean Rooms:

Clean rooms are commonly used for crucial scientific research or specialist industrial production, which is why it makes sense that they have to answer to some of the strictest hygiene regulations and requirements. The primary purpose of a clean room is to maintain the lowest possible levels of contamination to ensure safe and sterile conditions. At RESPOL, we offer dust-free, chemical-resistant, impervious flooring solutions that protect against and are free from airborne organisms and any other contaminants. Our clean room flooring systems enable you to create a controlled working environment that requires minimal maintenance or monitoring!

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