High Bay Racking & AGV Aisles

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RESPOL offer unparalleled solutions to some of the industries most specialist and demanding situations. Our extensive experience means we have dealt with a whole spectrum of technical needs and can custom design a flooring solution to meet the exact needs of your application. RESPOL will provide a free of charge inspection and analysis of your space and recommend the best possible system to meet the demands of your industrial applications.

We have experience with installing flooring in warehousing and factories where high bay racking systems are present. These systems use a storage maintenance system to control the storing and relocation or stacks within the racking system. The products are then moved on floor mounted rails by retrieval machines. The racking system is normally installed before our flooring and therefore the legs of the system are bolted to the concrete below, not our system. We can install category 1 or category 2 depending on the height of the racking and the width of the aisles. Our technical systems are expertly applied so as not to disrupt the high bay racking technology. We ensure a smooth tolerant surface is installed which is durable and long-lasting. Our expert team install the flooring system with detailed precision to meet the high standards the industry requires.

We can also install flooring systems are the automated guide vehicle (AGV) compliant. AGV systems rely on underfloor wiring to create a pathway the AGV can follow. A radio signal is transmitted from the wire to guide the AGV. This type of technology is used in large manufacturing plants and factories to streamline processes, increase speed and accuracy and decrease the risk of human error. Our flooring systems can be installed without disturbing the AGV routes and are compliant with a variety of AGV system designs.

For industrial applications such as warehouses, it is important that your flooring is smooth, low-slip and durable. Our advanced systems can ensure this as well as a professional finish and aesthetically pleasing appearance. To find out more about our flooring installations for high bay racking and AGV aisles, please contact our industry experts at RESPOL on 01952 740 400.

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