Chemical Resistant Flooring

Tough, Durable & Imperviable

Certain industries have specific requirement that are essential for the safe running of their business. The pharmaceutical industry will naturally be a place where a wide variety of substances will exist, and at times, it can be expected that these will be spilt. An ill-equipped floor will become damaged when exposed to toxic chemicals or oxidising agents, forming cracks, splits or even holes in the surface. This will create a trip-hazard for staff and an unsafe environment to be handling chemicals in. More importantly, it will cost you and your business money to repair!

RESPOL use hazardous environment corrosion-proof membranes to create a surface finish that is resistant to a concoction of chemicals, both at time of spillage and after evaporation. What’s more, our flooring can even withstand the strong chemicals within Skydrol and other aircraft fuels, making it the ideal choice of flooring system for the aviation industry. We also offer jointless concrete protection, cove detailing and perimeter bunds to provide extra protection against chemicals and other solutions that flooring may be exposed to. Be it pharmaceutical, healthcare manufacturing, general manufacturing, automotive or aviation, our flooring provides unparalleled protection against acid, oxidising agents and solvents, creating a strong, resistant flooring application for years to come.

In an industry exposed to chemicals regularly, cleaning is going to be a huge part of the day-to-day activities to upkeep a hygienic, sanitary environment. It is essential that flooring is quick and easy to clean so that in the eventuality that chemicals spill, it can be contained and cleaned with urgency. Our resin systems are able to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes as well as steam cleaning and are super easy to maintain. Their “seamless” design means that dirt, dust and bacteria doesn’t build up in the seams, creating a smooth, sanitary surface that can be cleaned in an instant.

Additionally, chemical attack can be extremely damaging and destroy ill-equipped flooring, walls and linings; don’t get caught out. RESPOL’s services and systems provide supreme longevity under the most extreme and demanding conditions. Our expertise allows us to install suitable systems in the most challenging of applications, be it chemical laboratories, aircraft facilities or food processing environments, we can provide a custom, technical solution.

Safety, for your customers, staff and visitors, should always be a number one priority for your company. Chemical resistant systems will not only provide a level of safety that other flooring types will not be able to offer, it will also extend the life of your flooring massively, meaning less money is wasted fixing damaged or worn flooring.

Ensure your industrial flooring is meeting environmental and safety standards; get in contact with RESPOL today.

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