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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a challenge within many industrial industries. It may not be the first thing you consider when looking for a flooring solution, but ESD can pose a serious threat to you and your company, if not handled effectively. Electrostatic discharge is the result of electrostatic build up that has not been dissipated or dispersed adequately. Electrostatic build up can be caused by contact static build up (e.g. touching), frictional static build up (e.g. walking) and detachment static build up (e.g removing something such as tape or an adhesive), all commonplace activities. This can sometimes be called tribocharging. It is easy to see how electrostatic build up could easily occur in a busy working environment. This build up can result in an ESD event where a sudden flow of electricity will pass between two charged items, one taking the negative and the other taking the positive charge.

So, why is ESD so dangerous? ESD can be destructive to computers or other electronic equipment and machinery, evidently a major issue in electronic, aviation or clean room facilities. ESD events may create heat that causes metal to melt, burning out circuits or creating tiny holes within a system. It may cause junction breakdown or complete failure of a system and if exposed to magnetic devices, it may erase or alter the material. Continued ESD events in your environment will cause irreparable degradation to the internal components of your equipment, ultimately costing your business time and money. More pressingly, if you work with chemicals or solvents, ESD may even cause risk of ignition, presenting a potential fire hazard and breaching health and safety requirements in your industry. It is therefore essential that the utmost measures are taken to protect against ESD; RESPOL can help.

RESPOL can install high performing, professional industrial flooring that actively disperses static charges, reducing the risk of damage to yourself and your machinery immeasurably. The addition of a conductive aggregate material using a special particle formula to the resin helps create an anti-static system where static charges are dissipated. If ESD could pose a threat to your industry, RESPOL’s industrial flooring could be your solution. ESD flooring performs more effectively than other anti-static flooring options such as mats or tiles, providing you with greater protection and peace of mind.

No matter what the application, industrial or commercial, we have the skills and technology to create an effective anti-static flooring system with a high level of resistance against ESD. What’s more, our products come with a wide range of decorative finishes and coatings to ensure your flooring looks as stunning as it is practical.

Investment in RESPOL’s ESD epoxy flooring provides you with many benefits as you will ultimately save money on the repair and replacement of machinery damaged by static electricity. Our systems’ “seamless” designs are easy to clean and maintain and aggregates can also be added to make them chemical resistant and “non-slip”, if needed. Our flooring will protect your sensitive equipment and ensure the safety of your staff whilst providing a long-term, cost-effective solution that creates a safe, static-controlled environment, guaranteed.

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