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Air Flotation Compliant Solutions

Advanced flooring solutions are needed for applications where advanced technology is being used. In industries where extremely heavy goods or equipment need to be moved, air flotation technology is used to assist. Air flotation involves using compressed air and air bearings to slowly and evenly create a thin film that “floats” the object. In this way, the cushion of air provides enough distance between the floor’s surface and the object to allow it to be moved easily. This is possible for even the heaviest pieces of equipment and is a fantastic solution in industrial applications.

Air flotations technology relies on a high quality flooring system in order for it to work. If the floor is not level or is worn and damaged then the heavy load you are handling may be at risk of drifting. This is obviously very dangerous and should be avoided. A technical flooring solution from RESPOL can help.

We can install a durable, solid, flat and even flooring system that is suitable for air bearing load moving systems. Any imperfections in the floor’s surface such as cracks, cavities, splits or scratches will cause the equipment to perform less effectively or not function at all. It is therefore of paramount importance that your flooring system is highly tolerant and impervious. Our “seamless” flooring solutions will ensure your flooring is smooth, even and solid.

An advantage of using air flotation systems to move heavy loads is that it will not damage your flooring because there is no point load. As the load is “floated” on an air cushion, the weight is distributed evenly over a wide surface, thus decreasing the impact on the flooring.

Our specialist systems can be used for applications such as power stations, aircraft manufacturing and industrial manufacturing where heavy loads often require movement. RESPOL have decades of experience in the field and have installed systems for a variety of demanding applications. Trust RESPOL for your advanced technical flooring needs.

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