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Traditional & Pumped Screeds Available

RESPOL are experts in the area of polymer installations and floor screeding, both pumped and the more traditional hand-laid option. Our traditional polymer flooring systems are a fantastic economical solution for a range of industrial or commercial flooring needs. It is a cost effective and appealing flooring solution and RESPOL’s experience in the industry ensures it will deliver durable results. Whereas, if speed is of necessity, a pumped polymer flooring system with ensure fantastic results with a rapid installation time.

Our traditional polymer flooring is hand laid by our team of industry experts. Our experienced staff trowel the system onto the substrate and ensure a smooth even finish is created across the entire surface of the floor. The major benefit of hand laid polymer flooring is that it can be expertly laid to falls and envelope drains, ensuring precision. It is also useful for application in small areas where large machine applications won’t be as effective or would be too big for the space. Traditional polymer flooring is also a fantastic way of repairing worn damaged flooring by installing a epoxy floor coating and creating a strong, resilient surface. Furthermore, polymer flooring can be used as an anti-osmosis system, time permitting. Learn more about how our experts at RESPOL prevent and treat blistering with their innovative osmosis solutions by following the link.

RESPOL’s pumped liquid screed also have a range of benefits due to the fact that large areas can be covered very quickly through the pumped installation process. The pump enables the screed mixture to be blended uniformly, distributing the mixture and additives evenly onto the surface in a speedy way. A hose is connected to the material container to pump the flooring system onto the pre-prepared surface of the floor. The pumping process therefore ensures that a smooth, self-levelling system is produced, which is perfect for application on uneven surfaces. A pumped screed can rapidly transform large surface areas of worn or outdated floors, delivering impressive results.

RESPOL’s pumped polymer screeds are a fast and flexible flooring solution and can be used for new builds and renovation works alike. Its rapid installation and drying time make it a fast and cost effective solution to a range of flooring needs, with hard-wearing, satisfying results in just a few hours!

What’s more, a range of decorative finishes can be installed into your pumped or traditional flooring system to create the results you desire and ensure it is resistant against damaging elements such as moisture, heavy foot traffic or frequent cleaning.

RESPOL are at the forefront of floor screed technology. Our advanced formulas and systems deliver durability, reliability and long-term results. If RESPOL’s polymer screed flooring seems like the perfect flooring solution for your application, speak to one of our experts today for advice, recommendations and a free, no-obligation survey.

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