MMA Industrial Flooring Systems

Fast Curing for Speedy Installation

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is a great solution for many businesses as it offers unparalleled installation times. MMA based acrylic resins are fast-curing and can handle foot and vehicular traffic in as little at two hours! Our professional team know all there is to know about MMA flooring systems and will be able to asses your needs as a company and advise on the best materials to provide a good solution to your requirements.

Many people choose MMA resin because of its rapid installation process. The acrylic resin is able to speed up the rate at which the floor cures, making for exceedingly quick turnarounds. In many industries, factory downtime causes a loss of time, money and resources and ultimately damages the company. It doesn’t have to be like that. If you can’t afford to close up shop for a week or more while slower-curing flooring sets, then MMA may be a solution for you. Industries like manufacturing, the public sector or food and beverage businesses often have very quick turn around times themselves and can’t afford to miss a deadline or lose valuable production time while waiting on their flooring to cure. MMA flooring technology provides a solution for this.

What’s more, the fast curing benefits of MMA flooring systems do not compromise the quality. MMA resins still provide a decorative and durable solution to many flooring demands. It is “seamless”, hygienic, durable and strong. MMA provides an effective covering that is waterproof and protects the underlying materials from damage. Its impervious qualities make it perfect for a range of heavy-duty applications and its decorative finishes make it suitable for more commercial use in schools or other public sector environments. It can strongly bond with a variety of well-prepared substrates and provide long-lasting results, making it a great option for many industries that want a high-performing floor with little to no downtime for their business.

A unique quality of MMA flooring systems is that it can be installed in extreme temperatures, hot or cold, it does not affect the bonding or curing process of the resin. This amazing feature means that industrial flooring can be installed in places where it otherwise would have been impossible to install. Large refrigerators in the food and beverage industry, as well as other applications, will benefit from the unique features of MMA resins. Additionally, it is resistant to UV light and is colour stable so it won’t fade or yellow when exposed to sunlight, making it a great option for exterior applications as well as indoor.

Is an MMA system right for you? Our specialist staff at RESPOL can offer a free-of-charge and no-obligation survey of your space and surface to provide recommendations based on their expert assessment.

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