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RESPOL has been one of the leading contractors of commercial and industrial floor coverings for more than 30 years. We are flooring specialists with an in-depth knowledge of epoxy resin flooring solutions. We know the science behind epoxy resin formulas so that we can expertly recommend on material, thickness, repair, curing-process and even drainage system installation. Our fully trained team of in-house staff doesn’t just stick with what they know however; they are always looking for new, innovative solutions to meet the latest industry needs.

To give a basic overview, epoxy resins are polyepoxides. These are reactive prepolymers and polymers that contain epoxide groups. As epoxy is commonly known as a strong adhesive, it is the perfect material to bind resins together. Epoxy resins can easily be combined with a variety of co-reactants to create the desired surface to meet your requirements. Be it “non-slip”, anti-static, chemical or impact resistant, we can create this for you with our epoxy floor coatings and coverings.

We can combine base and co-reactant curing-agents to create custom blends that are unique for each application. The various mixtures for combining resins can create a range of results depending on your individual requirements. It can be adapted for warehousing, pharmaceutical needs or the specific needs of the food and beverage industry, to name a few. Our skill, as well as our reliance on modern research and development, ensures we have the knowledge to provide unique customisation for each individual flooring system, making it as detailed as you want it to be.

Epoxy resin flooring can also come with a wide range of finishings. The finish can be specially formulated using additives such as quartz aggregates, coloured aggregates, PVA flakes, aluminium oxide or even rubber to get the result you require. Additionally, we offer a vast choice of colourings as well as amazing colour matching technology to ensure your flooring meets your company needs. What’s more, we guarantee that our flooring is coloured through the full thickness of the system, ensuring long-lasting results.

Epoxy resin has another benefit too; it can be installed as a protective layer on any flooring. This is often used on top of concrete for many industries to create a dust-free, “seamless” top layer which is easy to clean and will offer enduring performance. Epoxy resin can also be used to repair old damaged flooring by providing a “seamless” skin to conceal cracks or uneven surfaces. Its heavy-duty formula makes it perfect for filling potholes or other flooring issues that may compromise the performance of the floor. Our coatings can also include line markings as well as other safety markings such as keep out zones and pathways.

We recommend our epoxy resin formulas for the most taxing of environments, as they’re durable and reliable. They provide heavy-duty coatings that are perfect for a variety of industries that need long-lasting, high-performing industrial epoxy flooring solutions. We also provide a UV stable topcoat for our epoxy flooring installations, if required, to ensure the performance of the system when exposed to the elements.

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