Resin Stone Carpets

Cost-Effective Outdoor Flooring

In recent times, resin stone carpets have become very popular in the industrial flooring world for a wide variety of applications, replacing more tradition flooring types such as concrete, gravel or bricks. There are many reasons resin bound aggregates are becoming a popular finish, to name just two, they are durable and decorative, providing a fantastic cost-effective solution to many flooring demands. Whether it is exterior or interior, industrial or commercial, resin carpets perform equally well and can withstand heavy footfall and other traffic as well as UV and natural light.

Resin stone carpets are made up of an aggregate (stone for example) bound together by a resin formula, be it epoxy or polyurethane. The resin bound aggregate not only looks decorative but is set to last for years to come, unlike loose gravel or similar that will eventually wear down or disperse unevenly. Resin carpets guarantee an unrivalled “seamless” surface that provides long-term results. Our fully trained staff make sure that each stone gets coated in the resin to create a stunning finished surface.

Resin carpets are particularly suited to a range of exterior applications like car parks, driveways, paths or cycle paths due to its ability to handle varying weather conditions. Resin stone carpets are UV stable, meaning they will not fade, yellow or darken when exposed to sunlight or artificial light such as street lights. It is also frost resistant; a great benefit that will ensure it endures unaltered throughout the long British winters. Our resin stone carpets are also perfectly adapted to withstand rainfall. In urban outdoor areas where many surfaces are sealed, natural filtration is limited. This can cause a whole host of problems but ultimately leads to downstream flooding or deterioration in river water quality. Water permeable surfaces create a solution to this problem by providing a form of filtration that allows surface water to disperse. All of our stone carpets are SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) compliant, making them a safe, reliable option for outdoor flooring that is environmentally conscious too.

Resin stone carpets also make great indoor surfaces, often used in leisure centres, public buildings, schools and other similar applications. It makes a great, comfortable surface for everyday use as it’s durable, creates a warm environment and is soft underfoot. It is also easily cleaned and can withstand frequent cleaning without degrading over time. Additives can also be added to the surface to create anti-slip qualities, great for general use where a steady stream of foot traffic is expected.

Resin bound aggregates are a highly decorative finish for any flooring application. Granite, rock salt, firefleck, pepper, pebble, terracotta, natural and earth are just a few of the aggregates RESPOL have to choose from. Enquire about our resin flooring today.

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