MMA Decorative Flooring Systems

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RESPOL know that time is money, and in some industries, shutting up shop for days at a time while new flooring is installed is just not feasible. MMA (methyl methacrylate) and polyaspartic flooring systems can help. Our advanced MMA systems are fast cure resins that can handle full traffic in as little as two hours. The chemical structure of the acrylic reactive resin allows it to cure exceedingly fast, meaning no multiple site visits are needed. All the work, from surface preparation, application and finish can be completed in just one day. This rapid cure process means a very quick turn around, creating satisfying results in no time at all. This ultimately means minimal disruption and less downtime for your business, saving you time and money!

As well as full-scale installation for brand new projects, RESPOL are experts in repair and refurbishment jobs. Crack stabilisation, overlays and resurfacing, we can do it all. What makes MMA and polyaspartic systems so great is that the resin can adhere to almost any substrate, making it a fantastic choice of finish for people looking to upgrade their current flooring to fall in line with modern advancements in flooring technology. Additionally, if you are in desperate need of a quick repair, MMA’s fast curing properties will have your floor looking fantastic in no time at all.

On the other hand, if you want to fast-track a brand new project, an MMA flooring system might allow you to speed up the process and get your new build ready for use more quickly. Whereas an epoxy or polyurethane resin would typically require 4-8 hours to cure between coats, an MMA system can be cured in as quick as one hour, meaning coats can be applied more quickly and the final result achieved in as little time as possible. MMA systems usually consist of a primer, body coat and topcoat to create the perfect, robust surface with a smooth or textured finish, dependent on your application requirement.

Additionally, epoxy and polyurethane resins require specific temperatures for optimum curing results, whereas MMA systems are not limited by temperature restrains and can be installed in extreme temperatures, going to sub-zero temperatures as low as -30. Once installed, it is highly tolerant to temperature changes, be it cold or hot, and can provide excellent fire-resistance too. This characteristic makes it the perfect choice of flooring for applications in the food and beverage industry such as industrial refrigerators or ovens.

What’s more, MMA and polyaspartic systems can come in a range of finishes and colours. Choose from a vast array of colours in the BS4800, RAL or Pantone system or use our colour matching technology to create stunning floor markings, even incorporating company logos or designs. We can also add a range of aggregates from PVA decorative flakes, quartz or even rubber to create a decorative finish that performs well under challenging condition and looks professional too.

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