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Functional & Decorative Floor Finishing

RESPOL has been a leading flooring contractor and specialist for over 30 years. We offer both commercial and industrial solutions to suit a variety of industries, including the food and beverage, automotive and aviation, pharmaceutical, electronics and manufacturing sectors. Due to our years of experience, we have perfected the art of designing and installing excellent, high-quality, long-lasting flooring solutions that meet your exact needs. One of our available services is industrial floor painting, which achieves functional and decorative floor finishes for a range of purposes.

Industrial floor painting is an easy way to use epoxy resins to transform the efficiency and appearance of your working environments whilst also creating a more maintenance-free surface. It allows you to tailor your flooring better to your exact industry or application needs while proving that industrial flooring doesn’t have to be boring. Trust RESPOL to help you create your perfect aesthetic and functional flooring solution!

Decorative Industrial Flooring Finishes:
At RESPOL, we offer a range of decorative, industrial floor painting services that allow you both a practical and aesthetic finish. Our seamless resin flooring works well with an array of decorative finishes, including decorative flakes, coloured aggregates and health and safety floor markings. This way, you can maintain the durability and performance of your industrial flooring while adding both functional and aesthetic finishes to better suit your industry or application. Whilst some finishes are purely for decorative purposes, industrial floor paint also helps you stay within your industry’s health and safety regulations, especially regarding line and health and safety markings. This allows you to create and maintain a safe, efficient working environment. RESPOL have excellent experience in providing health and safety markings not only for factories and manufacturing plants but also for car parks. Our floor painting services include pre-designed markings, as well as bespoke markings for unique applications where custom icons are needed.

Specialist & Demanding Systems:
Industrial floor painting is also a useful way to create specialist and demanding systems, including anti-static and static dissipative, non-slip and chemical-resistant flooring. This is because co-reactants can be mixed with epoxy resins to create bespoke floor coverings that can be applied on top of standard concrete surfaces. This enhances these flooring systems, giving them unique properties and benefits. At RESPOL, we are also able to create maintenance-free flooring with an innovative concrete densifier solution. This is a chemical hardener which is evenly spread across a concrete surface to create a smooth, sturdy surface that offers resistance against traffic, spillage, abrasion and damage. Industrial floor coatings help to create a durable top layer that protects your surface from bacteria and dirt contamination, as well as water evaporation. Our range of industrial floor painting systems suit workshop, factory, kitchen, garage and warehouse environments.

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