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RESPOL know that when we install your industrial flooring, health and safety is one of your main concerns. A strong, durable floor that is impact and abrasion resistant will be very important in creating a safe working environment in many industrial applications. We can go one step further by installing health and safety markings into the surface of the floor to create even clearer health and safety procedures. Not only does our flooring provide you with amazing qualities such as being anti-slip or chemical resistant, but it also utilises its design to enhance health and safety measures too.

Walking men, footprints, safety glasses, ear defenders, stop signs, speed limit signs, fire hazard warnings and directional arrows are just a few of the markings we can create. We use epoxy resin paint to create line marks that will stand the test of time and be durable in factory conditions if they have to withstand heavy loads or traffic. Epoxy resin paint markings are preferable to vinyl line markings in industrial settings as they will provide a stronger, longer-lasting appearance and hold out under more volatile conditions.

As well as a range of pre-designed health and safety markings, we can install bespoke markings for unique applications where custom icons may need to be used. Whether it be floor wording such as ‘keep clear’, forklift aisles, chevrons or whatever you can imagine, our specialist staff will be able to accommodate all ideas and advise on the best way to make them reality. We have a wide variety of coloured aggregates we can add to the flooring from BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems, so whatever colour you desire, we can supply it. We also offer colour-matching technology that allows us to match any colour within the above systems, allowing for “seamless” repairs to old flooring and amazing colour coordination.

Our health and safety markings can be used in a range of applications, not just factories or manufacturing plants. We have great experience in providing markings for car parks. White lining, directional arrows, disabled car park markings as well as crosshatched areas can all be installed with expert skill. We also provide full surface covering to mark out specific areas such as pathways or designated parking sections. Our health and safety markings help to create a safer environment for vehicles and pedestrians as well as creating a professional and organised-looking car park.

Our markings and safety signs are installed by our team of experienced staff who have been trained in-house to the highest standards. They can create clear, organised designs from traditional car parks to factory floors, and have the knowledge to take on complex projects, offering bespoke solutions to modern problems. For more information about health and safety markings in your business, contact RESPOL today.

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