Decorative Flakes

Colourful Customisation

If a modern, stylish floor design is what you’re looking for, PVA coloured flakes might be the perfect finish for you. Our colour flakes are specially formulated PVA (polyvinyl acetate) chips which are added to a flooring system to enhance both the design and quality of the resin flooring. The PVA flakes are scattered onto the surface of the flooring system and our professional staff will ensure an even coverage across the entirety of the required surface. The flooring can then be sanded if a smooth texture is required or to catch any small nibs that may be protruding from the surface. It is then advised to apply a clear topcoat to create a fantastic finish that will be perfectly sealed and long-lasting.

One of the amazing benefits of flake flooring is that it is completely customisable! RESPOL offer a huge range of colours, textures and flake sizes that can be custom blended to create a flooring design that is completely unique to your application. You can choose from our range of colours available from our ready-mixed packages, or, if you desire, we can create a bespoke blend of colours, especially for you! Endless combinations of colour and size are available to you so that you know the design you choose will be truly individual and tailor-made for your exact purpose.

The flakes that we add can also help to control the finish of the floor. If a rough, “non-slip” surface is what you desire, perhaps for industrial or manufacturing industries, then the addition of flakes will help to create a textured surface, thus increasing its “non-slip” qualities. Whereas if a smooth, glossy finish is desired, we can make sure the flake finish is beautiful and shiny, perfect for application in public sector spaces such as waiting rooms and corridors. Any desired finish that you require, be it anti-static, anti-microbial or anti-glare, we can apply it with a stunning flake finish. Style and substance are both achieved equally with our wide range of flooring technologies.

Choose coloured PVA flakes as the perfect finishing touch to your resin flooring system. Decorative flakes are popular in many applications from automotive showrooms, schools, residential areas and much more. Their popularity boils down to their stunning, professional effect as well as their practicality.

Create a stunning speckled effect to your industrial flooring with RESPOL’s PVA flakes for a visually dynamic, modern and stylish finish that is still durable, “seamless” and easy to clean!

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David Procter | Engineering Staff — Honda
Respol have been providing a service to Honda for 24 years. Having worked directly with them myself, I have found them totally committed to their customers, responding to requests for site visits and investigations within 2 to 3 days. During these visits by their skilled technical and friendly staff, I feel totally confident that we are getting the correct product for the job. Potential issues are always highlighted at quotation stage with solutions being offered. From my many dealings with Respol, I consider they are worthy winners of FeRFA Contractor of the Year 2008.
Steve Hatton | Morgan Advanced Ceramics
Morgan Advanced Ceramics is part of the world’s leading global business of Morgan Crucible Company Plc. As a result, we demand the highest level of work and commitment from all our contractors.We have worked with Respol on six projects over the last three or four years and have found their staff to be both professional and dedicated at all levels and we feel confident that all work done will be completed to deadline, budget and specification.

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