Coloured Aggregates

Be Bold with Colours

Get creative with colour when you install a technical flooring system with RESPOL. The sky is your limit when it comes to adding coloured aggregates to our freshly installed flooring systems. We offer a vast colour range from BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems, allowing you to design a floor that has the ‘wow’ factor. Industrial flooring doesn’t have to be boring just because it is functional. High-performance does not have to mean the loss of aesthetics, both are possible! Our coloured aggregates are expertly combined into the resin mix to create a perfect blend, assuring the right texture for the job at hand. Make your flooring a statement piece instead of something to be trodden on or ignored. A dynamic flooring system can add a lot of value to a room. It may not be the first thing you notice, but a good flooring system goes a long way in creating a relaxed, happy working environment.

Any design can be achieved with our coloured aggregates from shimmering, glossy surfaces to coloured quartz finishes. We use our expert knowledge to mix the right materials to ensure a perfect bond is formed and a long-lasting surface is created. Performance, texture, and most importantly, colour, are all controlled by our specialist staff who ensure the results are better than you could have expected. Choose from a matte or glossy finish depending on your application and have fantastic colours that penetrate through the full thickness of the resin and will withstand cleaning, foot traffic, weather conditions and more.

We have a decorative coloured aggregate option available for virtually any application that combines perfectly with our resin floor coatings, creating durable, hard-wearing, fully-coloured “seamless” flooring solutions. Be it commercial or industrial, we can create a colour that complements the surroundings and the industry. Professional environments can be enhanced by a pristine, high-gloss flooring that adds an air of luxury to the room, perfect for car showrooms or other display units. Alternatively, add a splash of brightly coloured flooring to a room to liven up a bland environment, perfect for children’s hospitals, schools or nurseries.

If that isn’t enough, we are also proud to offer colour-matching technology. Our expert staff can match any colour within the comprehensive BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems, meaning we can create flooring that matches company branding, further enhancing the professionalism of your environment. We can also incorporate your logo directly into the surface of the floor to create a custom finish, unique to your company.

RESPOL’s coloured “seamless” flooring is a sustainable and cost-effective solution to your flooring needs, offering long-term performance with minimal upkeep required.

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