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High standards of sanitation must be upheld in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and the food and beverage industry. To meet today’s demand, a hygienic floor for areas such as production sites, kitchens, dairies, processing facilities, and breweries, is the best choice for meeting stringent health standards.   Why choose epoxy for hygienic flooring?  Resin flooring is one of the...

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Hygienic Flooring for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, & Food Industries

Food manufacturing and production environments have special requirements that require hygienic and sterile production space. Where food and drink are concerned, cleanliness is always a number one priority. When fitting a space for the production of food and beverage, it is extremely important not to forget about your flooring. Germs and bacteria can live within the small crevices or seams...

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Polyurethane Resin Floor from RESPOL

During Respol’s 3 decades of operation, we’ve installed resin flooring for the pharmaceutical industry for many different clients. Due to resin flooring’s special resistive features, the material is perfect for use in environments where both natural and artificial corrosive materials are used in the manufacturing process and where a hygienic and sterile work environment is essential. We’ve worked with clients...

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Resin Flooring for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Slip Resistant Flooring

Enhance the safety of your employees with slip resistant flooring.  Anti-slip flooring properties can be incorporated into any...

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