Epoxy Decorative Flooring

  • What is epoxy decorative flooring?
  • What are the advantages of epoxy decorative flooring?
  • What epoxy decorative flooring finishes do we offer at RESPOL?

What Is Epoxy Decorative Flooring?

The term ‘epoxy decorative flooring’ encompasses a large range of flooring finishes and techniques that all share the goal of improving the aesthetics of a floor. This includes floor painting, coloured aggregates and flakes, as well as more practical aesthetics such as health and safety markings. These additional decorative elements can be applied on top of concrete, coatings, and screeds to elevate the finish and performance of your floors.

What Are The Advantages Of Epoxy Decorative Flooring?

The main advantage of decorative epoxy flooring is that it retains all of the durability, reliability, and resistance while also offering a more aesthetic finish that is more pleasing to the eye. This means that your flooring can still utilise the high-strength resins that give it its hard, glossy, attractive and long-wearing finish while also opening the door to more personalised, epoxy decorative finishes.

What Epoxy Decorative Flooring Finishes Do We Offer At RESPOL?

With an ISO9001:2015 accreditation and more than three decades of knowledge and experience, we are proud to call ourselves the home of industrial flooring. This confidence also applies to our available epoxy decorative flooring finishes, including:

Decorative Flakes: For a modern, stylish finish, adding PVA colour flakes to your floors is the best way to go! RESPOL’s colour flakes are innovatively formulated PVA (polyvinyl acetate) chips designed to enhance the quality and design of your resin floor. Our professionals scatter these flakes onto the surface of your flooring system, ensuring even and customisable coverage.

Coloured Aggregates: With a vast colour range available, from BS4800 and RAL to Pantone systems, RESPOL’s coloured aggregate finishes create a floor that has the ‘wow’ factor. Both functional and attractive, our coloured aggregates are expertly combined to ensure the ideal texture and finish, allowing the quality and design of your flooring to speak for itself!

Resin Stone Carpets: Another of our available decorative flooring finishes is resin stone carpets, which are becoming increasingly popular in industrial environments. One reason for this is their performance and durability, but also their aesthetic, which allows them to look exceptional but also withstand heavy footfall and are resistant to natural light and UV. Whether you are looking for exterior or interior, industrial or commercial resin carpets, RESPOL has the skill set and expertise to meet your exact needs.

MMA Decorative Flooring Systems: We also offer MMA decorative flooring systems, which are ideal for industrial and commercial environments, particularly in the retail sector. This is because they can handle extreme temperatures, resist fire, and handle traffic in as little as two hours. This makes them the ideal decorative solution for environments that can’t shut up shop for days at a time!

Health & Safety Floor Markings: RESPOL offers the professional installation of epoxy resin floor line markings for health and safety applications, including everything from speed limit signs to footprints, as well as bespoke markings for unique applications. Not only does our epoxy resin flooring ensure unmatched quality and other benefits, such as chemical resistance and anti-slip properties, but it also uses its decorative design to ensure health and safety.

Industrial Floor Painting: RESPOL is proud to specialise in both functional and decorative floor finishing, a specialism that is reinforced in our industrial floor painting services. Industrial floor painting is an easy way to use epoxy resins to transform the efficiency and longevity of your floor, as well as its aesthetic and attractive finish. Industrial flooring doesn’t have to be boring, which is why you can trust RESPOL’s team to help you create your ideal functional and decorative finish!

From design, preparation and installation to repair and maintenance, you can rely on RESPOL for high quality, reliability and longevity! To enquire about any of our available epoxy decorative flooring solutions and finishes or to find out more, please get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Feel free to contact us here or give us a call on 01952 740400.

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