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  • What is Floor Painting?
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What is Floor Painting?

Floor painting is a flooring service designed to enhance your existing or new factory, warehouse or workshop/garage floors by making them more durable, heavy-duty or resistant to certain products, traffic or chemicals. The process of floor painting creates a sturdy surface, increasing the longevity and reliability of your system. Not only is it a practical way to give your flooring more resistance and protection, but it is also an effective way to give your floors a more aesthetic or decorative finish, depending on your industry and application needs.

The most common type of floor painting is done using epoxy resin paint, which creates a sturdy, protective layer over existing flooring, as well as providing an added shine to its surface. Epoxy resin floor paint is typically used as a sealant on cement floors, making it well-suited to industrial environments where a dust-free, stain-resistant system would be greatly appreciated. It also acts as a barrier, with its composition allowing it to be chemical and corrosion-resistant, helping to keep your floor looking good as new. However, please keep in mind that spillages or water won’t be absorbed.

On the one hand, this does help to prevent permanent staining, but on the other, it can cause a slip hazard that will need to be dealt with for health and safety reasons..

What are the Benefits of Floor Painting?

  • Creates a dust-free, hard-wearing surface that can handle heavy traffic and machinery 
  • Easy to clean and maintain, making it a low-maintenance solution that you can rely on to do all of the work for you
  • Shock, chemical and corrosion resistant, which allows it to prevent stains or costly damage and maintenance
  • Floor painting creates a seamless, high-shine finish making it both practical and aesthetic
  • Effective and easy adhesion to concrete surfaces allows for a quick and efficient, stress-free application

Floor Painting Contractors – Why Choose RESPOL?

RESPOL have been leading flooring contractors and specialists for over 30 years, producing high-quality, seamless flooring solutions for a range of industries and applications. We have worked with companies in both the commercial and industrial sectors, giving us a breadth of experience in providing customers with reliable, durable flooring to suit their exact needs and preferences. This involves designing, preparing and installing a flooring system, as well as repairing and maintaining new or existing floors.

We also offer a range of practical and aesthetic services to enhance or improve systems, including floor painting. As mentioned above, floor painting is an easy, efficient way to secure the longevity and durability of your system whilst also paving the way for more decorative finishes. Whether it is resistance, protection or aesthetics you are looking for, RESPOL offers a range of floor painting services, including floor coatings and health and safety markings.

Choose RESPOL as your trusted Floor Painting Contractor! From design, preparation and installation to repair and maintenance, you can rely on RESPOL for high-quality industrial and commercial flooring! To enquire about any of our Floor Painting Services, or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Click here to contact us, or feel free to call us on 01952 740400.

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