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  • What is Air Bearing Flooring & How Does Air Flotation Technology Work?
  • What Type of Industries Would Benefit From Air Bearing Flooring?
  • What Air Bearing Flooring Solutions Does RESPOL Offer?


What is Air Bearing Flooring & How Does Air Flotation Technology Work?

Air bearing flooring is an advanced flooring system that utilises air flotation technology, which uses compressed air and air bearings to create a thin film that ‘floats’ the object. The air provides a cushion-like layer that creates enough space between the surface of your flooring and heavy objects, allowing them to be moved more efficiently. The air flotation layer means that the weight of the goods you’re handling is distributed over a larger surface area, decreasing the impact and weight felt by your flooring. This helps to increase the longevity of your flooring whilst also maintaining its smooth, high-quality finish.

For the air flotation/bearing technology to work at its most efficient, a high-quality, reliable flooring system needs to be installed underneath to create a flat surface. Without a level surface, you still risk drifting when handling larger goods, which can create an unsafe working environment. To ensure your flooring system is suitable for air bearing load moving systems, it’s important to create a smooth surface, free of cracks, splits or scratches, before adding any air bearing technology. By having an impervious, solid base, the additional air flotation layer will work more effectively, preventing maintenance or damage costs from unsafe handling of heavy materials. This is where RESPOL come in!

What Type of Industries Would Benefit From Air Bearing Flooring?

Air bearing flooring is typically used in industries where larger or heavier goods and equipment need to be transferred across the floor without damaging its surface. It is a type of specialist epoxy flooring that creates a level and smooth surface that is also durable against heavy equipment and traffic.

RESPOL’s Air Bearing Flooring Solutions:

Over the years, RESPOL has produced high-quality, reliable air bearing floors for a range of industries and applications, including aircraft manufacturing, industrial manufacturing and power stations, as well as for use in warehouses and factories. All of these environments involve the handling and moving of heavy goods and equipment, meaning an air flotation system is ideal!

Our specialist epoxy air bearing/flotation solutions are designed to give you complete peace of mind that heavy loads won’t impact the finish or longevity of your flooring. The air flotation technology we use creates a protective layer over the surface of your flooring to give you maximum security against scratches, heat-generation or friction at every stage of your operations. This reduces the risk of damage to your floor, preventing costly maintenance or replacement of your flooring system. You can rely on RESPOL for a highly tolerant, smooth air bearing floor that meets all of your industry and application needs!

From design, preparation and installation to repair and maintenance, you can rely on RESPOL for high-quality industrial flooring! To enquire about any of our specialist epoxy Air Bearing Flooring solutions, or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Contact us here or call us on 01952 740400.

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