Industrial Flooring Services

  • RESPOL offers a range of specialist services to ensure the quality & longevity of your industrial flooring
  • With over 30 years of industry experience, we guarantee a high-quality service that promises excellent results
  • From preparation and installation to repair and maintenance, you can rely on RESPOL as your industrial flooring expert

RESPOL are a leading UK contractor of high-performance, reliable industrial flooring solutions for a range of industries and applications. With years of industry experience, we know what it takes to create a seamless flooring solution guaranteed to last. From preparation and installation to repairs and resurfacing, our team of flooring experts offer an excellent range of services to provide you with high-quality flooring that you can rely on.

Industrial Flooring Preparation:

To ensure quality you can trust, all of our flooring preparation is done in-house by our team of qualified professionals. This process begins with a consultation between our technical staff and the customer. This includes a no-obligation, free-of-charge analysis of your current surface and space, allowing us to tailor our flooring recommendations to your exact needs and environment. Using our our flooring expertise, we take various key factors into consideration, including UV exposure, humidity level and temperature, to ensure our flooring solution is the perfect fit!

Once we have decided on and agreed a custom-fit solution for you, the next crucial step is flooring preparation. Creating a completely dust-free surface is essential for the finish and longevity of your flooring system, which is why we take flooring preparation extremely seriously. Any existing coatings and contaminants must be removed, and any holes or cracks that may compromise the structural integrity of the floor must be fixed. This attention to detail allows our team to achieve seamless results! We also use a range of cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure a well-prepared surface. This includes diamond grinding, biological degreasing, HEPA filters on vacuums and D20 enclosed 20” shot blasting.

Industrial Flooring Repairs:

At RESPOL, we believe flooring repairs, resurfacing, painting, and maintenance are both a more economical and sustainable alternative to complete replacements. This cost-effective solution prevents a complete overhaul of your existing flooring but still creates a surface that looks as good as new! Our team are able to transform old, damaged or contaminated concrete surfaces into high-performing, industry-approved surfaces for your specific industry and application needs.

We offer a range of industrial flooring repair services, including fast-curing screeds, coatings and epoxy resins, diamond grinding to improve the profile of your floor and crack stabilisation services that allow for quick repair using specially formulated resin materials.

Industrial Flooring Installation:

Our team of professionals ensure high-quality, efficient flooring installations by using only the best materials that are fully compliant with the British Standard BS 8204-6. Our CSCS-accredited team of fitters know our flooring solutions like the back of their hand, ensuring speedy installations that guarantee longevity and durability. They also have experience installing flooring for a range of industries and environments, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, healthcare, automotive, factories, warehouses and manufacturing, meaning they understand the demands and requirements for each. Whether you need an anti-slip, chemical-resistant, hygienic or anti-static floor, we have a range of options to meet your exact functional and decorative standards.

From design, preparation and installation to repair and maintenance, you can rely on RESPOL for high-quality industrial flooring! To enquire about any of our specialist industrial flooring services, or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Contact us here or call us on 01952 740400 for more information.

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