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RESPOL is an award-winning contractor of a range of commercial and industrial flooring for a variety of industries and sectors. We have over 30 years of experience and expertise in the flooring industry, allowing us to create high-performance, reliable solutions tailored exactly to your industry and application needs. One of the sectors we specialise in is cleanroom flooring.

What is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a carefully controlled, engineered environment that aims to maintain a low concentration of airborne particulates, dust and contamination. These isolated environments are often used as laboratories in a variety of industries and applications such as scientific research, biology, pharmaceuticals, virology, nuclear work and nanoscale processes such as semiconductor manufacturing. This is because they are designed to prevent the escape of materials that may be hazardous or harmful.

What Types of Flooring Are Usually Used in Cleanrooms & What Requirements Need to be Met?

Flooring may not be top of your list when designing and building a cleanroom, but its function remains critical, as it helps to actively prevent the growth of bacteria within the seams of your floor. The most common types of flooring chosen for use in cleanrooms are epoxy resin or polyurethane systems, as they offer the best resistance to and protection against substances such as hydrocarbons, acids, alcohols, fuels, petroleum and other chemicals. 

Due to their nature, cleanrooms have very strict hygiene requirements to promote clean and safe practices. Both flooring and air have compulsory standards regarding the number of microbes present and filtered air changes per hour. This all depends on the ISO classification of your cleanroom, the most popular being ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7 and ISO 8. Depending on your specific cleanroom requirements, we can create a solution that meets the exact hygiene standards needed. 

How Can RESPOL Help?

Our team are available for the designing, installation and maintenance of your cleanroom flooring. For use in cleanrooms, we would recommend our high-quality, hygienic epoxy resin flooring, an impervious, smooth surface that can include anti-microbial systems. This solution is heavy-duty, low-slip and chemical resistant, promoting a clean, safe environment for special industrial production or scientific research. We understand the stakes are high and that hygiene is a top priority which is why our resin flooring is compliant with the most stringent cleanroom requirements. Our solutions are suitable for a range of environments, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, and research facilities. At RESPOL, we have a team of highly-skilled, trained flooring experts who can tailor a solution to the exact use of your cleanroom. For example, we can control static discharge by adding conductive aggregates to our ESD flooring, which helps to create a controlled electrostatic system. This is ideal for manufacturing environments where you may be operating electrical machinery. 

To enquire about RESPOL’s expert range of cleanroom flooring solutions, or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Contact us here or call us on 01952 740400 for more information.

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