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RESPOL are a leading contractor of a range of industrial flooring solutions for a variety of industries, such as food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical, public sector, automotive and aviation. From design to preparation to installation, RESPOL’s team of flooring experts promise long-lasting, seamless results. With years of industry experience and knowledge, we provide a complete flooring service you can trust! The most recent addition to our flooring portfolio is maintenance-free flooring systems which involve the application of an expert concrete densifier.

What is Concrete Densifier & How Does it Work?

A concrete densifier is a chemical hardener which is evenly spread across a floor to enable it to penetrate the top layer or the surface of the concrete. It acts to fill porous holes which are formed from the water evaporation that commonly occurs during the curing process of a flooring system. Densifiers can be used on both polished and non-polished concrete floors and work by permeating into the concrete to fuse compounds and sand particles into a strong crystalline bond. The tight bonding of these materials enables many benefits, such as resistance to spillage, abrasion and damage through increasing the surface density of the concrete.

How Does it Create Maintenance Free Flooring?

A densifier will allow concrete to maintain both a sturdy and aesthetic surface by filling in any porous areas and preventing damage from micro-scratches. This also enables the concrete floor to be resistant to chemical or other liquid spillages, as it creates a barrier against substances that are able to permeate the top layers of concrete.

How Can RESPOL Help?

Our team of flooring specialists utilize a range of concrete densifiers, which are premium hardeners, densifiers and sealers specifically designed for concrete surfaces. They are typically silicate treatments which react with the concrete to create an insoluble, impermeable calcium silicate hydrate within concrete pores. As mentioned above, this is what creates a sturdy barrier between the concrete and any contaminants or spillages.

Before applying the concrete densifier, proper preparation of the flooring needs to be carried out to ensure high-quality, long-lasting results. The most important step in this routine is the removal of any existing paint coatings from the floor. This ensures that the surface of the concrete is properly prepared so that the densifier can be spread evenly across the floor to guarantee a smooth surface.

The concrete densifiers we use have many benefits, including resistance from water and surface abrasion that is better than traditional hardening solutions, as well as safer, non-toxic and non-flammable, low-odour compositions. They create a functional, hard surface that is still slip resistant and only improves with traffic and maintenance. Not only this, but our chosen concrete densifiers are also able to improve the appearance, performance and light reflectance of new or old concrete, meaning they are the perfect solution to freshen up old concrete. Once the densifiers harden on new or old concrete floors, they create a completely dust-free surface which allows for the installation of gangways, directional markings, lines etc.

Due to the innovative nature of our chosen concrete densifiers, our team of experts are able to apply them quickly and efficiently, as they are safer, cleaner and easier to apply than traditional sodium or potassium silicate hardeners. They also cure quickly, meaning that your floors can be opened back up to traffic soon after treatment. Once correctly cured, your flooring is easy to maintain and requires no waxing, dramatically reducing your costs and any maintenance that may come with untreated concrete. You also don’t need to worry about discolouration due to their breathable and UV-stable composition. Maintenance-free flooring has never been so easy!

To enquire about our maintenance-free flooring systems, or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Contact us here or call us at RESPOL on 01952 740400.

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