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What is Epoxy Resin Flooring?

Epoxy resin flooring is composed of reactive prepolymers and polymers (containing epoxide groups) that behave as a strong adhesive, binding the resins together. These epoxy resins are combined with a concrete surface to form a protective, sturdy layer. It boasts unmatched durability against impact and spillages, meaning it can withstand the challenges of a range of industries and applications. It’s also an easy-to-install, high-performance and quality flooring system that serves both decorative and functional purposes. The total cost of ownership for epoxy resin flooring is relatively low due to its reasonably inexpensive nature (additional costs often come with added protection or features) and its long life span of over 10 years if maintained correctly.

Many industries utilise epoxy resin flooring due to its versatile nature in a range of different environments. This includes the pharmaceutical industry, automotive, food and beverage,
kitchens, warehouses, garages and factories and the retail sector. This functionality is enhanced by its easy-to-clean, wipeable surface, which means it can remain consistently sterile, hygienic and anti-slip, making for a safe working environment.

Epoxy Resin Flooring Done Right With RESPOL:

With over 30 years of experience as leading flooring contractors of both industrial and commercial solutions, RESPOL has a thorough, specialist understanding of epoxy resin flooring. We have an expert breadth of knowledge regarding resin flooring, from the science behind its composition to the best ways to design, install and maintain it.

Design & Preparation:

At RESPOL, we offer a range of co-reactants to tailor your epoxy resin flooring specifically to your industry and application needs. These can be discussed with our team of specialists during design consultations. Our choice of co-reactants includes chemical-resistance, anti-slip, impact-resistant, anti-static/static dissipative options that can be combined with the epoxy resin. We value the importance of creating a functional yet aesthetic flooring system that best suits your needs, which is why we offer professional advice and guidance when designing your bespoke epoxy resin flooring solution and throughout the surface preparation process.

Installation & Finish:

RESPOL have a team of fully-trained experts who work precisely yet efficiently to install your epoxy resin flooring solution. Once the installation process is complete, it will take 24 hours curing to protect your flooring from foot traffic and 5 days for a total chemical cure that ensures flawless results and durable performance. For the best results, heavy traffic should be avoided before your flooring is completely cured to ensure longevity and a seamless finish.


Generally, epoxy resin flooring is a skid-resistant, easy-to-clean solution that, as mentioned before, can last for up to 10 years if maintained correctly. Regarding maintenance and any necessary repair, RESPOL offers comprehensive after-service care, support and advice to keep your epoxy resin flooring looking and performing at its best. We offer guidance on issues such as the prevention of scratches, cracks and damage, as well as how you can preserve the flooring’s additional characteristics. No question is unanswerable, and no problem is unsolvable, choose RESPOL to look after you and your epoxy resin flooring!

To enquire about RESPOL’s expert epoxy resin flooring solutions and services, or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Call us on 01952 740400 or contact us here.

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