Anti-Static Flooring

  • What is anti-static flooring & which industries can benefit from it?
  • Anti-static flooring is a solution to the build up of electrostatic discharge, which can cause irreparable damage to equipment due to its ability to generate heat
  • RESPOL offers a reliable anti-static flooring solution promising durability and reliable resistance to electrostatic discharge to eliminate the risk of fire or ignition

RESPOL is a leading industrial flooring contractor dedicated to providing you with the perfect flooring to suit your specific industry and application needs. To enable us to meet your exact requirements, we offer a range of specialist and demanding systems to ensure that we can create a safe working environment suitable for your operations. One of these systems is our anti-static and static dissipative industrial flooring, an innovative way to protect your operations.

What is Anti-Static Flooring & Which Industries Can Benefit From it?

Anti-static flooring is the solution to electrostatic discharge (ESD), a pulse of static electricity, which is a common challenge within many industrial industries. Build up of electrostatic discharge is a silent hazard that can have catastrophic consequences yet is often not even considered. It can be destructive towards your electrical machinery and equipment, especially if you’re operating within aviation, electronic and clean room facilities.

It also generates heat which can cause vital equipment or circuits to melt within your systems, as well as creating the risk of ignition. This is where anti-static flooring comes into play to keep your equipment and your team safe at every stage of your operations!

RESPOL’s Anti-Static Flooring Systems:

A reliable anti-static system is created by adding a conductive aggregate material that is comprised of a unique particle formula to the resin used. This flooring solution can provide a protective layer against any electrostatic discharge, dramatically reducing the risk of equipment failure or repair costs. Our anti-static flooring system actively disperses static charges, which in turn reduces any risk of damage or hazards. By choosing an anti-static flooring system, you are protecting the efficiency of your operations by eliminating the risk of any disruptions or unnecessary costs.

Protect your operations today with RESPOL’s industry-leading flooring solutions. Whether you’re looking for a commercial or industrial system, RESPOL’s ESD epoxy flooring solutions can protect your working environment whilst also creating a reliable, heavy-duty floor. Our high-resistance solutions will, in turn, save you money and any repair or replacement costs that may be endured due to electrostatic discharge.

With over 30 years of experience as a leading flooring contractor, you can trust RESPOL for your anti-static flooring system’s preparation, installation and maintenance. We guarantee reliable, durable results that allow your operations to run seamlessly and ensure the safety of your equipment and your team. Our expert team have the expertise and skills to create an effective ESD-resistant system with a wide range of decorative coatings and finishes to create a practical flooring system that doesn’t compromise professional appearances.

To enquire about RESPOL’s high-resistance ESD epoxy flooring systems, or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Call us on 01952 740400 or contact us here.

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