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RESPOL has been a trusted flooring contractor for more than 30 years, delivering only the best flooring solutions to suit your industry needs. With our years of knowledge and expertise, particularly with epoxy resin flooring, we understand the science required to tailor our solutions to exhibit particular characteristics that enhance your operations. This could include anti-slip, chemical resistant or water-resistant properties to suit both industrial and commercial applications.

Waterproof resin flooring is the ideal solution in environments where there is the risk of water damage or injury due to spillages. Its functionality is amplified by its durability and reliability even when exposed to the elements. RESPOL promises a long-lasting, high-performance waterproof flooring solution tailored specifically to your application needs.

Benefits of Waterproof Resin Flooring:

The main benefits of waterproof resin flooring are that it’s easy to clean and is resistant to liquid damage and spillages. Many applications can benefit from waterproof resin floorings, such as food and beverage packaging or production, to protect against spillages. This would also be useful in domestic and commercial kitchen environments and warehouse floors to prevent damage. Waterproof resin flooring is also a popular choice in chemical and manufacturing plants due to its strong moisture resistance, protecting your environment from potentially costly water damage and build-up of condensation. This flooring system is vital for employee safety in environments where accidents are likely, allowing operations to run seamlessly and efficiently without any risk of injury.

Due to its durability, epoxy resin can also be installed outside for pathways, pools and balconies due to its waterproof nature. However, it needs to be considered that resin flooring can be slippery when wet, so anti-slip precautions should be taken into account when installing. This is vital for employee safety in environments where accidents are likely, allowing operations to run seamlessly and efficiently without any risk of injury; the same applies to customer or user safety.

RESPOL’s Waterproof Resin Flooring:

Our waterproof resin flooring is an affordable yet high-quality solution specifically designed and manufactured for excellent, unmatched performance. Epoxy flooring creates a protective coating that is water resistant, providing a heavy-duty barrier to any liquids. Waterproofing your resin flooring system will provide protection against spillages and water damage, increasing the longevity of your floors. However, to maintain this seamless surface, sometimes additional coatings can be used to waterproof your floors, ensuring that its resistance isn’t only temporary. Depending on your industry and application, our custom-designed solutions can be tailored specifically to the surface finish you require, as well as other considerations such as foot traffic and exposure to the elements.

Throughout the preparation, installation and maintenance of your flooring system, RESPOL’s team of experts are fully trained to ensure long-lasting, durable results to allow your operations to run smoothly. As a leading flooring contractor for over 30 years, we not only know how to do it but how to do it best.

To enquire about RESPOL’s waterproof resin flooring or to find out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation survey. Call us on 01952 740400 or contact us here.

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