Epoxy Resin Floor Paint – Everything you need to know!

  • What is Epoxy Resin Floor Paint & Where is it used?
  • Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Epoxy Resin Floor Paint vs Epoxy Coating – which is better suited to my application?

RESPOL has been one of the leading contractors of commercial and industrial floor coverings for more than 30 years, giving us a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the industry. Our experience has allowed us to become flooring specialists with an in-depth understanding of epoxy resin flooring solutions including epoxy resin floor paint.

Our fully trained team of experts know epoxy resin like the back of their hand and can match your specific needs to an epoxy resin floor solution that best suits your application or industry needs.

What is Epoxy Resin Floor Paint?

Epoxy is most commonly known as a strong adhesive, which is the ideal material to bind resins together. In simple terms, epoxy resins are polyepoxides, meaning they’re made up of reactive prepolymers and polymers that contain epoxide groups. These chemicals can be formulated into epoxy resin floor paint, a market-leading floor coating that guarantees durable, long-lasting results. It’s also perfect for adding shine to your floors, creating a protective, aesthetic coating that requires minimum maintenance.

What is it used for?

Epoxy resin floor paint is most commonly used as a sealant on cement floors, making it ideal for industrial flooring applications. The epoxy makes it different from ordinary paint as it allows it to adhere to a concrete surface easily, ensuring a durable finish able to withstand high-traffic environments. Its chemical properties make it corrosion-resistant, resistant to chemicals, and easy to clean and maintain – again making it the perfect choice for industrial factories and warehouses, etc.

Benefits of Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

  • Coats your floor with a protective layer that shields your floor from chemicals, as well as being fully shock-resistant
  • Creates a hard-wearing, durable finish able to withstand busy, heavy-traffic environments
  • Epoxy resin floor paint creates a dust, stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean and maintain


  • Not ideal for areas prone to spillage or water on the floor as it can become very slippery

Epoxy Resin Paint vs Epoxy Coating 

Aesthetically, epoxy resin floor paint is ideal as it allows for a seamless, high-shine, durable finish. It is moisture-resistant, making it a viable option for swimming pools, gyms and other areas requiring a non-absorbent surface. However, caution must be taken as spills and stains won’t be absorbed into the epoxy, which prevents permanent stains but may cause a slip hazard. On the other hand, epoxy coatings are made up of a resin and a hardener, meaning they will require professional installation, unlike epoxy resin floor paint which can be applied by yourself. Epoxy coating works better in traffic-heavy environments as it provides a thicker barrier to protect against chemical spillages and stains.

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