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MMA Flooring – Questions & Answers

  • What is MMA Flooring?
  • Benefits and downsides of MMA Flooring
  • Rapid installation that suits a variety of temperatures and conditions, making them an effective solution for all your application needs

What is MMA Flooring?

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is an efficient solution for many businesses due to its unmatched, rapid installation times. With the ability to install it even in extreme temperatures, it is an innovative system that guarantees seamless results that can withstand any challenging heavy-duty application. The professional team at RESPOL pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise surrounding MMA flooring and will be able to assess your company’s needs in order to provide you with specialist advice specific to your application.

Why do people choose MMA Flooring?

MMA Flooring is a popular solution for many businesses due to its rapid installation process that minimises downtime to ensure your operations are running at usual capacity without interruption. The acrylic resin that formulates MMA systems can speed up the rate at which the floor cures, allowing you to get back up and running as soon as possible! In addition, these fast curing benefits are proven never to compromise the quality or finish of your MMA Flooring system. Methyl methacrylate resins are still able to provide a decorative and durable solution to any of your flooring demands. They are known for being hygienic, durable and robust, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction throughout a range of heavy-duty applications.

What applications does it suit?

MMA Flooring is best suited to applications with quick turnaround times that can’t afford the disruption of slower-curing flooring. Therefore, they are a popular choice for industries such as food and beverage and manufacturing due to their requirement of minimal downtime. Its ability to strongly bond with a variety of well-prepared substrates allows it to provide seamless, decorative and long-lasting results, also making it the perfect solution for more commercial use in schools or other public sector environments.

What are the benefits of MMA Flooring?

  • Provides an effective covering that is waterproof and can protect the underlying materials from damage
  • If properly installed and maintained, MMA flooring can have a lifespan of 15 years
  • Chemical, bacteria and scratch resistant due to the creation of a non-porous, impermeable surface without any pinholes
  • Ability to withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees, making it a durable, long-lasting solution
  • Fast cure time

Are there any downsides to MMA Flooring?

Whilst a fast cure time is an unparalleled benefit of MMA flooring, sometimes applying the whole floor is a difficult task to complete before it begins to cure. This type of flooring is also known to carry a strong odour which is present during both installation and curing but will dissipate once the floor is set.

How long does it take to install?

Usually, MMA flooring reaches complete physical and chemical cure within 60 minutes of installation, preventing large amounts of costly downtime and promoting a rapid turnaround.

Are there any requirements for installation?

This flooring system can be installed in extreme temperatures, hot and cold, without compromising the bonding or curing process of the resin. Due to its high UV stability, methyl methacrylate flooring can be installed indoors and outdoors, making it flexible to your specific application requirements. It is able to be installed on a range of substrates such as concrete, steel, tiles, and other resin materials.

Is an MMA flooring system right for you? Our specialist staff at RESPOL can offer a completely free-of-charge, no-obligation survey of your space to provide recommendations based on our expert assessment. For more information or to contact us, please visit here.

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