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  • Robust and durable
  • Customisable, aesthetic designs
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries and commercial operations

Usually taken for granted, your floor is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of your business to get right. But, left to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear from plant, products or people, your floor will soon incur damage which could prove hazardous and costly.

The cost will always be a critical factor in flooring installation, but with Respol by your side, time and money spent on choosing the right floor now will see a return on investment in years to come.

Resolving resins

Industrial resin flooring can take one of three main types:


Methyl methacrylate or MMA (sometimes called polymethyl methacrylate – PMMA) is the most expensive flooring option Respol has to offer. The reasons are its resistance to chemicals, impact and abrasion, as well as the super-fast curing time of just a couple of hours.

Like an epoxy resin, MMA flooring is easy to clean with a seamless, waterproof finish to the highest standards required by industries like healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

The chemical bond of an MMA floor also makes repairs and maintenance easy because you can repair it in sections, unlike other flooring types, which may need complete replacement.

It is quick to cure, easy to clean, totally customisable, and with minimal downtime for installation or repairs, MMA floors really do have it all.


Polyurethane flooring offers most of the big selling points of MMA flooring and epoxy resin but with one particular specialty, its elasticity.

The elastic nature of polyurethane flooring, by comparison to the more brittle epoxy resin, means it can withstand extremes of temperature very well. As a result, it is ideal for refrigerated storage facilities, outdoor car parks and food or beverage production processes, where temperature variance is a concern.

Although it takes longer to cure than an MMA floor (approx. five days) and repairing them is laborious, polyurethane floors are heat tolerant and waterproof, making them perfect for sectors where hygiene is a top priority or where temperatures fluctuate.

Epoxy resin

Still one of the most popular industrial floorings available today, epoxy resin comes into its own as an electrically conductive solution.

Of all the resin flooring variants, epoxy resin has the longest curing time of anything up to ten days, however it can be foot-trafficked after 24 hours, making it far from ideal if costly downtime is incurred whilst it’s installed. It is also tricky to repair, usually requiring a complete replacement.

But don’t let this deter you from considering it as a viable option. Respol are the experts at taking a standard epoxy resin floor and tailoring it to your exact requirements.

Non-slip? No problem. Chemical resistance? Can do. Outdoor application? Of course!

Another bonus to epoxy resin is its ability to bond to nearly all substrates; this means it can transform an existing factory floor into a hygienic, low maintenance surface, protecting the base from water ingress, oil and chemical spills, impact, and abrasion.

If all this isn’t enough, epoxy resin can combine colours, rubber and decorative aggregates to create the surface you need, complete with health and safety markings or your corporate identity.

Industrial resin flooring from Respol

For over 30 years, Respol have been innovating, developing, and installing bespoke, hard-wearing and durable flooring solutions.

We are a single-source supplier; this means you deal with our expert team and no one else, no subcontractors and no ‘middle management’.

We serve a wide range of commercial and industrial clients nationwide and would be delighted to discuss your flooring needs with you.

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