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Why opt for epoxy resin?Factory flooring from Respol

  • Durable and robust
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Aesthetic and stylish

When it comes to your factory floor, there are many factors that you need to consider before making an informed decision. Faced with so many options, it can seem a daunting task, where one mistake could prove so costly for years to come.

In the office or more commercial environments, decorative flooring tiles, vinyl tiles, or hard-wearing wood and laminate flooring suit the lighter, predictable footfall where the installation and movement of heavy plant are rare, and comfort, cleanliness and aesthetics are priorities.

Specifying and buying the correct factory flooring literally lays the groundwork for the future success of your operations.

Trust the experts at Respol

Respol have been flooring specialists for over 30 years, with a reputation for service with lasting results. Our bespoke flooring solutions don’t have to come at the expense of comfort, aesthetics or low maintenance – you can have robust, durable and attractive flooring!

Whatever your requirements, our factory-trained team is happy to help and talk you through the options to suit your needs.

Factory flooring – what are my options?

Varying in suitability, applications and curing times, polyurethane resin, polymer and methyl methacrylate floor coverings offer impressive service over time. They each have their own unique set of advantages, but for a durable, customisable, cost-effective flooring solution, epoxy resin is hard to beat.

Epoxy resin

Offering a seamless floor covering over large spaces like warehouses, airports and shopping centres, the flexibility of epoxy resin means your industrial flooring can be anti-static, non-slip or anti-bacterial, as your needs demand.

Epoxy resin floors are stain-resistant, easy to clean, chemically resistant to artificial chemicals and built to withstand regular, heavy-duty industrial use. In addition, with unparalleled colour-matching, epoxy resin can be customised to display safety zones, plant pathways or even your company brand.

Additionally, resins can be combined to adapt to the more specific demands of sectors such as pharmaceuticals or food and beverage production. Creating a strong bond with most substrate types, epoxy resin can also renovate and rejuvenate old flooring, giving a new lease of life to an existing space, reducing the costly downtime incurred by a brand new floor.

Respol: your flooring needs solved by our expertise

We pride ourselves on our single-source service, backed by an investment in the latest technology and innovation, all supplied by the experienced in-house Respol team.

We are ready and waiting with advice and recommendations on how best to create the flooring you need from our wide range of products.

Ready to speak to Respol? Why not call us today and discuss the best fit-for-purpose, cost-effective factory flooring solution that will serve you for years to come: 01952 740 400.

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