Food Grade Flooring for the Catering Industry

Food Grade Flooring for the Catering Industry

In industries like the food and beverage industry, health and safety always comes first and applies to protecting staff and customers alike! In busy industrial kitchens, factory production and packaging lines, bustling restaurants, catering facilities, and even small cafeterias, hygiene is always a number one priority. 

As the industry relies on food safety and hygiene, there can be no room for error when protecting food and beverage products from contamination from bacteria. Unfortunately, you may not think it, but your flooring is a prime location where harmful bacteria can lurk. Any small crevice or crack is the perfect hotspot for dangerous bacteria like e.coli, salmonella, listeria, and MRSA – contaminants any business owner would want to keep far, far away from their stock!

One solution to help prevent life-threatening bacteria like this is to remove cracks, seams, and crevices from your flooring to create a monolithic, seamless solution that can be steam cleaned easily for maximum sanitation. Polyurethanes provides just this solution. It is applied to the flooring smoothly and evenly to create a seamless solution that is highly sanitary for food-grade applications. In addition, this seamless solution helps to make the flooring impervious to microbial growth whilst offering a surface that is extremely easy to maintain in a busy working environment. 

Another common challenge in kitchens and cafeterias is spillages – which obviously need to be cleaned up quickly to ensure the safety of everyone in the environment – but there are a couple of qualities that can be built into resin floors for added protection. Firstly, it can be slip resistant so that any spillages that do occur and could be extremely dangerous, pose less of a hazard to customers and staff while they are being attended to. Secondly, the floor should be chemical resistant so that it cannot be damaged in the event of oil spillages or other substances that could strain or cause harm to the floor. Epoxy and polyurethane resins can provide both of these options! In addition, polyurethane floors are shock resistant and can withstand frequent hot washes and steam cleans. Plus, both can be laid to falls to help with drainage issues!

All of these elements make resin a fantastic, food-grade flooring option for industrial businesses and commercial cafes and restaurants. Whats more, resin flooring is exceptionally hardwearing and offers long-lasting performance for many years – making it an incredibly cost-effective option that will stand the test of time and provide the durable and reliable performance you can rely on. 

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