Specialist Flooring for Industrial Applications

Specialist Flooring for Industrial ApplicationsLooking for a specialist flooring contractor for your business? Industrial sectors such as manufacturing, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical production, and electrical companies have specific requirements for their flooring that cannot easily be met by usual types of flooring such as wood, vinyl, tiles, linoleum and laminate flooring.

They require a more robust and durable solution that is suitable for high foot traffic and meets the demands of the industry. One such solution is resin flooring such as epoxy, polyurethane, or methyl methacrylate (MMA).

Resin floors are tough and hard-wearing whilst still being aesthetically pleasing and stylish, they’re both functional and fashionable! One of the most versatile flooring solutions, resin installations are suitable for installing both indoors and outdoors and are great for both public sector buildings and walkways as well as heavy duty plants and factories. In short, it is an ideal solution for virtually any application, offering long-term results at a cost-effective rate! 

RESPOL is a flooring specialist with more than three decades of knowledge and experience in installing advanced flooring solutions for a range of clients, both commercial and industrial. All of our flooring options are based on the latest, cutting-edge technology and have been developed to meet the many challenges our customers face in their businesses. Our experience means that no problem is too large or complex for us and we can assist with a range of specialist and demanding services such as:

Chemical resistance

In some industries, namely pharmaceuticals and healthcare, flooring will be exposed to a wide wealth of chemical substances. From time to time, chemicals will be spilt on the floor; chemical resistant epoxy finishes help to ensure your flooring remains protected from harm. Other flooring types may corrode, crack, split, or even form holes when exposed to toxic substances, leading to costly repairs and replacements. A chemical resistant epoxy flooring helps to provide a safe environment for handling strong and dangerous chemicals.


To protect employees as well as sensitive (and expensive) electronic equipment, electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe flooring dissipates static shocks to create a static-controlled environment that doesn’t pose a risk to people or equipment. Specialist ESD flooring performs more effectively than other anti-static flooring options such as mats or tiles, providing you with greater protection and peace of mind.

Low slip

The risk of tripping and getting injured is something that everyone faces when at work, therefore low slip qualities are a great addition to almost any flooring system! By adding increased traction underfoot, you can reduce the risk of slipping and improve the safety of employees and visitors. This is especially important for workplaces where staff may be carrying heavy tools or equipment and a fall could result in serious injury.

Air flotation

In some industries, air flotation technology is used to move extremely heavy objects. Compressed air and air bearings are used to create a cushion of air that lifts the object and allows it to be moved easily. To reduce the risk of drifting when performing air flotation, a high quality, even, and smooth surface is required, something that RESPOL can provide!

Solutions for osmosis blistering

Osmosis blistering can sometimes occur in isolated areas of a flooring’s surface. It appears as blisters, bubbles, and cracking and each blister can be up to a centimetre wide. If we are aware that osmosis may be present, RESPOL work hard to ensure osmosis blisters do not occur by using preventative methods and an anti-osmosis system to minimise the risk. Ensuring the substrate is properly prepared is extremely important in preventing this as well as selecting the correct materials and products for the installation.

High bay category 1 and 2 and AGV aisles

Epoxy resin flooring can be installed in warehouses and factories where high bay racking systems are present. Our experts are highly trained in this specialist type of application with the ability to install around the legs of the racking. We can also ensure that our flooring system is automated guide vehicle (AGV) complaint.

As well as the above, we can take on a range of custom jobs, using our industry-expertise and application know-how to create a tailored solution for your exact customer requirements. To find out more about our services, please get in touch to organise a quotation or to ask any questions you may have. You can reach us by calling 01952 740400 or clicking here to fill out our contact form.

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