Epoxy Resin for Concrete Floors

Epoxy Resin for Concrete Floors

Epoxy resin is an ideal sealant for coating concrete floors in industrial and commercial settings. Coating a concrete floor with epoxy resin achieves a sleek, professional look whilst also providing ideal surface properties such as a low slip finish or chemical resistance. The protective coating provides a high strength finish that creates an extremely strong bond with the concrete and will last for years to come. Due to its long life, durability, and minimalist, stylish look, epoxy resin is a very popular choice for many industries

A concrete surface that has been coated with epoxy resin is resistant to grease, dirt, oil and other contaminants, creating a dust-free surface that is highly suited to a range of environments where clean, professional flooring is required. 

Another benefit of epoxy resin is that it features a seamless design that is extremely easy to clean. Other flooring options such as tiles or vinyl feature small cracks or crevices where the flooring is fitted together. Epoxy is different to this as the coating covers the entire surface area of the floor and leaves a smooth, seam-free finish. This means that dirt, debris and bacteria can’t build up in the small cracks between the flooring, providing an extremely sanitary solution that can be cleaned quickly and easily. For this reason, epoxy coatings are very popular in industries where cleanliness is vital such as in healthcare manufacturing, the food and beverage industry, and pharmaceuticals

Another reason why you might choose an epoxy resin for your concrete flooring is to help repair any damage the concrete may have. The seamless top layer offers strong endurance and can be used to repair damaged flooring by concealing cracks or fixing uneven surfaces. As epoxy is a heavy-duty formula, it provides the perfect solution for filling in small potholes in flooring surfaces and evening out any discrepancies in the floor that could pose slip or trip hazards. This helps to rejuvenate old, damaged flooring with a new life that will offer fantastic performance for many years to come. 

For certain industries like industrial and manufacturing, it can be useful to have health and safety markings installed onto the flooring itself such as directional arrows, colour blocks, stop signs, hazard warning, and other information. When installing your epoxy flooring, we can include line markings such as these (or any type of custom marking you require) onto the flooring directly to further enhance the health and safety of personnel.

We handle the entire process from start to finish including the initial site survey through to preparing the concrete substrate and finishing the installation. If you have a tired, old concrete floor that needs a new lease of life or are looking for a completely new flooring system that will offer durability and decoration, contact RESPOL today to speak to us about your unique requirements. Please give us a call on 01952 740 400 or get in touch with us here.

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