Hygienic Flooring for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, & Food Industries

Hygienic Flooring for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, & Food IndustriesHigh standards of sanitation must be upheld in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and the food and beverage industry. To meet today’s demand, a hygienic floor for areas such as production sites, kitchens, dairies, processing facilities, and breweries, is the best choice for meeting stringent health standards.  

Why choose epoxy for hygienic flooring? 

Resin flooring is one of the most hygienic options for businesses. It’s the first choice for industry professionals who want a sanitary floor that’s easy to clean and maintain whilst helping to protect their employees, products, and customers. 

The benefits of going seamless 

As epoxy resin flooring is seamless, it helps to prevent dangerous bacteria and microbes from growing in the small seams often present in other types of flooring such as tiles. Although seams are only very small, they are a great place for dirt, grime, and bacteria to grow. Also, as they create a crevice in the floor, they are often missed by steam cleaners or mops, meaning harmful bacteria can thrive here. Seamless epoxy from RESPOL effectively removes this problem.

In addition to this, we can even install epoxy skirting and coving to create a curved junction between the wall and floor. Again, the seams between the wall and floor are another place where germs can grow. Seamless resin coatings mean that nothing can get trapped between any gaps and seals, creating a superior floor for meeting challenging sanitation requirements. 

Where is hygienic flooring best used? 

Almost all industrial and commercial spaces will benefit from hygienic flooring. Business owners should always be concerned with keeping their premises as clean and safe as possible. This is something that everyone has become more aware of in the last year with the rise of coronavirus! Hygienic flooring is a great choice for every professional setting as it helps to increase the safety of everyone who uses it. 

While we recommend this type of flooring as an essential requirement for professionals where food is made, packaged, or prepared or where chemicals are handled, it is also highly suitable for public sector buildings such as schools, hospitals, and offices. Anywhere where there will be people moving around and traversing the space will benefit from the increased safety epoxy flooring provides. 

Features at a glance 

  • Seamless and antimicrobial 
  • Speedy installation 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Chemical resistance 
  • Low slip
  • Choice of finishes

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