Epoxy Flooring Cost Explained

Epoxy Flooring Cost ExplainedIf you’re considering what type of flooring will deliver the best results for your business, cost can play a huge role in your decision making. First and foremost, you will be looking for a system that looks stylish and professional whilst still fulfilling essential requirements that are pertinent to your business needs. For example, cleanliness for industries with strict hygiene needs, hardiness for factories and warehouses, or chemical resistance for labs and other pharmaceutical businesses. 

Why are businesses attracted to resin flooring?

Once you’ve established your main priorities, the search for the perfect flooring can begin! Many businesses are attracted to epoxy resin or other poured flooring systems because of the amazing qualities they offer to customers. Resin flooring provides many benefits that other floor materials often can’t match. They can be custom-designed to suit your exact industry needs with additional additives added to create low-slip finishes, anti-static performance, and a diverse range of other benefits that make epoxy resin the obvious choice! 

Is epoxy flooring expensive?

When it comes to epoxy flooring cost, the initial price tag can make some businesses wary. It can’t be denied that epoxy is more expensive than other popular options such as tiles or vinyl, at least initially. Resin flooring should be considered as a long term investment that will provide a high performance solution for years to come. Whilst other flooring types may offer a cheaper initial investment, they may end up costing you more over a longer period of time due to the need for regular repairs, or even replacement. Epoxy is therefore a cost-effective solution that provides durable and reliable results with a much longer lifespan! 

What affects the cost?

The cost will always be dependent on your unique requirements and therefore if you want a specific cost estimate, its best to arrange a free survey and consultation with our team! In general, many variables contribute to the amount of money a flooring will cost.

These include: 

Space –  the larger the surface area of the ground to be treated the higher the cost will be. Bigger jobs require more man-power and more product. However, for large scale operations, a discount can often be arranged with your contractor. 

Preparation – the concrete substrate must be properly prepared before the treatment can be applied. This includes removing any debris and cleaning the area to ensure it is dust-free. If the underlying concrete is poor quality, repairs and resurfacing may also need to take place to ensure the desired result is achieved. This will also contribute to the overall price. 

Product – there are many types of resin and each has specific characteristics and qualities. The material type and finish you require as well as any markings, and decorative designs will affect the cost. 

Complexity – each space will have different requirements when it comes to installation. If you require additional elements such as drainage, floor sumps, manholes, expansion joints, or bund walls, this will need to be factored in. 

If you want a strong, long-lasting flooring that’s easy to clean and looks stylish and modern too, then enquire about our industrial flooring solutions at RESPOL. We offer free of charge, no-obligation surveys and recommendations to those who wish to get a quotation. Simply get in touch by calling +44 (0)1952 740400 to get a quote! Respol, the only flooring contractor you’ll ever need to deal with.

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